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October 10, 2007



sometimes you just have to wind for the sake of winding. instead of weaving...hopefully the transition to the bed will be an easy one! my little cousin ended up sleeping on the floor in a sleeping bag for 2 1/2 years...

oh - and it's not necessarily defeatist, it's "knowing when to take a break" :)


There is nothing wrong with a little defeatism... I prefer cynic though -- hoping for the best but knowing it's not going to happen...

I will take the green cake, thank you. Don't say I didn't help you find a purpose for that whimsical, wonderful, wound yarn!


Pushing Daisies is great! And knitters ESPECIALLY should watch tonight, I'm just saying. (We get that show a day early up here in Canada) ;)


i don't mind seaming at all. in fact, i kind of enjoy it! but weaving in ends. UGH!!!!!!


I love Pushing Daisies - especially since it's narrated by Jim Dale! It might be nice to watch it and weave in ends at the same time, no?

Hooray for Little Sir moving up to a big boy bed. I hope he gets the hang of actually staying in the bed soon!


Darn you ends! Don't let them win.

Pushing Daisies is tonight...I cannot wait! I will be thinking of you weaving in your ends while I watch it, well maybe on the commercial breaks.


Lately, I've come to terms with my dislike of winding yarn. I'm beginning to see the appeal and I definitely wind for the sake of winding. It gives me a chance to play with yarn that I know I won't have a chance to knit with for awhile.

Can't wait for Pushing Daisies!

Liz K.

Wow! A Big Boy Bed for Little Sir! I cried when we took down the crib for the kids, but it really is another wonderful victory for the three of you as LS gains more confidence and independence. You've done the right thing by surrendering the crib.

Oh, and, if you are like me, and love to go in and smooth the hair of your sleeping babe, touch their cheeks, adjust the covers endlessly, or smell their little heads, it is just so much easier when they are in a bed than in a crib. Just a bonus.


Seaming and weaving in ends can be very daunting. You'll feel up to it some day! That yarn looks super yummy :)


My kids all just ended up in our bed no matter what we did!
I hate weaving in - avoid it at all costs so I totally understand.
(I just frogged my green socks- 1" from being done and I ripped them all the way - I now have 2 beautiful cakes of green yarn!)


I really enjoyed Pushing Daisies too... it appealed to the big kid in me. My husband on the other hand didn't like it at all. We'll see what episode 2 brings.

As for losing the crib... good luck to you! I can't wait to hear how it goes.


Knitting! Knitting in the Pushing Daisies! That'll make up for my Shibui drama. And hopefully your color won't do the same thing!


Oh, the demise of the kiddy cage! That's something I'm not looking forward to. B's crib is in our room and I don't know if I could sleep with her in her own room (on a different floor, as it would be). I know that day is coming up soon for us too but MAN, can't they stay itty bitty forever???? You'll have to tell me how it goes with the Big Kid Bed. Happy end weaving!


Oh, this post is SO familiar - it could've been written by me [with the exception of the crib/bed story]. The rest? All I can say is: I hear ya!


My own LS decided at much the same age to use the crib as a jungle gym. We resigned ourselves to the big boy bed but he would not stay in. He wandered the house. In the interest of safety, not to mention a good nights sleep, we found a "crib tent." It is a domed mesh cover for the crib that attaches securely and kept him in until he was ready for the BBB. If things don't go well for you with the BBB you might check it out.


Farewell baby cage! We mourned the loss of the cage as well. It took a while for LL to get used to the kiddie bed, but now she loves it.


Oooh, Pagoda. I'm not letting Ashley dampen my Shibui-spirits either. Although I am strongly considering using mine for something other than socks.

I STILL remember the day I moved out of the crib and into my Big Kid Bed. I was so, so happy.

cindy b

I went through the same drill with all 8 of my kids....move them to a mattress on the floor, set up the stair gate over the doorway, and have the camera at the ready for the cute pics of them sound asleep in the middle of the room surrounded by toys. I miss those days!
I also will be missing Pushing Daisies. I got to see the first episode at my daughters house in another state, but home with a broken tv now. *pouts*


Ooh, you're making me want to wind up some yarn, too!

Sorry to hear about the end-weaving defeat. I always remind myself that it won't take as long as I think it will. Does that help at all?

I finally saw the Pushing Dasies Pie-lette last night, and I loved it!

Sarah D.

Pushing Daisies was really cute last week. I DVR'd it this week, so I will be watching episode 2 tomorrow! I have some Shibui yarn in Ink. Can black/blue yarn pool? I guess I'll find out! Happy weekend and LS adventures:)

pamela wynne

goodbye, kiddie cage!
I like winding, but I don't love it. Do you think a swift would help?


Winding is therapeutic because you feel like you are being productive. And hooray for the big boy bed!


Like your new blog. Graduating from the cage, wow! Hope he's not a night wanderer, but then it is nice to have an unexpected cuddle:)


(i kept forgetting to look down in the n's for you!) :)

oh, if i had a ball winder, i may just wind for the sake of winding too!!!

i was sooo sad to see our crib go!
the sound of little pitter patters in the night is something to get used to! :)


Oooooh no, I can't even imagine being ready to lose the crib so soon. Good golly. Good luck with that transition... I hope it doesn't take too long before everyone has good sleeps again.

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