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October 25, 2007



I really like the spiraling with the eyelets the yarn produces. I don't think you could make a yarn do that if you wanted to.

oh and that cookie pie looks like it is to die for!!


Giddyup! I love that orange.. I need to start baking again =)


Hmm, you may win the prize for singles socks:) That pie looks so yummy!


Thanks for the links to that delicious looking pie and for the sock pattern... Love them both!


That pie looks delicious! I'm a pie girl myself, apple, rhubarb, blueberry bring it on!

I love that orange sock. The horseshoe cables down the sides are fabulous!


Um, did you seriously knit all of those single socks??? Wow. I am so impressed. Nova, you make me feel better about my lonely single socks. ;-)

Pie looks fabulous!!


I had to add that sock to my queue immediately. I love it! I'll have to copy you and knit it with some Shibui in the stash.

The cookie pie made at my house recently was a huge hit! The boys don't really like pie so this was the way to go. Do we really get to see a new pie from you every Wednesday?

Love all those little baby socks! They are so cute.


:) I love Pushing Daisies! Yay for Pie Hole Wednesday! (that pie looks amazing - huge cookie - I'm there!)

What pattern is that - I LOVE IT!!!!


I'm addicted to Pushing Daisies too! And I love baking, too! Though like you, I'm not so much a pie baker - I do mostly cookies. I love your idea, though. I usually watch the episodes online on the weekends... which would be the perfect time to start experimenting with pies...

And your socks look great (I don't see any pooling in the Shibui either). No need to fear the single sock - I just wear 'em mismatched! It's more fun that way, and gets people to notice your handknit socks more readily - first they notice that they don't match, then they notice that they're WAY cooler than commercial socks could ever be!


I love the itty bitty socks - I bet Little Sir would love to have a different color on each foot - much more exciting that way AND you wouldn't have to knit the other ones...just keep making new colors!(To be honest - I couldn't do that...I would have to make matching pairs!)
The autumn orange yarn is perfect in that beautiful pattern!

Amy Artisan

Pie Hole Wed. is a great idea - I have already decided that the hour of Pushing Daisies will always be for 'uninterrupted knitting' no matter what else I need to get done that evening.

Liz K.

So, what did you do with the second pie? How do you think it will freeze?

(Can you tell that I am dying to make this?)




I love the way the sock is striping! It's definitely a spiral and I really like it. I love the pattern too. Thanks for pointing me to it!

And I'm so glad to hear the good news about Pushing Daisies. I really love that show. :)


pie hole wednesday!!! i am so into that!!!

love the pony express.....and does little sir need matching socks? i think it would look too cute with mismatched socks......

now i must go and make a big chocolate chip pie! :)


Oh my goodness, I think I *need* that pie. Holy crap, it looks delicious. I am more of a cookie person than a cake or pie person, so a pie that's basically a giant cookie? YES!

Back when my husband and I first started dating, we had a "cookie night" tradition, every Wednesday. That was the day when I had a really, really horrible class, so knowing I had a fun night of cookie baking (and, um, eating) ahead of me made it much easier to get through. Maybe I should bring back the tradition!

Also, I really love the way the Shibui yarn is spiraling along with the eyelets. It looks awesome.


LOVE the little people socks.

Haven't seen Pushing Daisies, perhaps I should DVR it?

I am not a pie person, either...but this one looks right up my alley. I am going to make it for a dinner party we're going to tomorrow night!


The pie looks lovely, and I'm with you, it's definately striping. The color of that yarn is lovely too!!


I catch a bit o the crazies all the time. I too am not really a pie person but I can get behind a chocolate chip pie. Yea for pie Wednesdays!


Yeah, yeah, nice socks. Chocolate chip PIE??? MUST MAKE THIS IMMEDIATELY!


Ooooh, how exciting that Pushing Daisies will continue to "live"! Usually if I like a show, that's the kiss of death for it!

So, what was wrong with the first version of the red sock?


After reading on several blogs about Pushing Daisies, we finally watched our first episode (Pigeon) last night. It was really engrossing - we'll be watching the rest and hoping for reruns of the first 3. I just read the "comic book" summaries on the ABC web site. So refreshing and different! I think your pie idea is great, too.


You have no idea how much I admire and respect you right now...Pie Hole Wednesdays?! You are my hero.



That is the most genius idea ever EVER to emerge from the internets. EVER. Does JulieFrick know about this yet?


I started watching Daisies when I saw your enthusiastic endorsement, and I must say, I love it!! Great show. And I love the idea of Pie Hole Wednesday! Also, what pattern are you using on those little baby booties? Looks like a heel flap and most baby socks I see are short row (but I prefer to knit the flap).

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