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October 19, 2007



Ooo, socks as sushi, love it!
I especially like the organge one with the twisted lattice pattern.

Have a great time at Rhinebeck, and save some fiber for me on Sunday!


I love your sushi socks. The colors go so well together. I love the clutches, especially the fishy one. I have the book and intend to make a few of them myself. Just gotta get the machine out! I hope to see you tomorrow! : )


Those clutches are so, so beautiful. I especially love the black one. I keep threatening to buy that book and haven't gotten around to it -- thanks for the reminder!


Love those sushi rolls, you are so clever!!


The sushi rolls look quite yum!!! Sewing is a nice knitters respit isn't it? Love the little clutches. Perfect gifts!


Oooh, I love the sock sushi rolls! cute idea!


Did you notice that the fish on one of your clutches coordinate very closely with the colors of your socks? Too bad one generally does not carry one's single socks around in a clutch, because that would be the perfect one.

Lynne Nelson-Berg

I too love the colours - how fab! I have bought Amy's book and considering i am a new sewer i really dont feel intimidated by her projects - its great. Could i ask you what pattern your organse sock is with those diamondy pattern on? I am about to knit my first pair but just cant decide on a pattern that i really really like. The orange ones - i really really seem to like.


that is a great goal - I really have to get back on track! the puppy is sucking up all my knitting time.


I'm surprised that I didn't see you there! Did you find some good buys?

That's a big goal, given that October is almost over. Have you gotten some seconds knit up already?

I love the clutches!


love your clutches. especially the fish one. cute fabric. looks like you had quite a productive time! can't wait to see more nova made in the future.


Oh, I wish I had seen you this weekend! Kaya and Little Sir would have had fun together... maybe next year!

I'm about to use one of the Bend the Rules patterns for Kaya's Halloween costume... we'll see how it goes!


That sock sushi is too cute. But I am expecially in love with the fishie artsy clutch. That fabric is great!


I love the sushi rolls and the clutches! Simply fabulous. :)


Fabulous sushi socks! Great autumn colors.

I really like the clutches too. I may have to look at that book. I used to sew a lot, but that was years and years ago, and now I am completely chicken. Is sewing like riding a bicycle?

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