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October 17, 2007



I think the sweater looks great! Just like you said - a good, serviceable fall sweater! Love the color on you.


I could only hope for a winner that looks as good as your loser. Okay, I get all the drape, baggy, not-like-the-model comments, but really? The detailing is beautiful and the color is awesome. I can imagine wonderful autumn walks with Little Sir... he'll think you are a giant fall leaf... well not giant... I mean, not a normal sized leaf.

Actually, my favorite picture of the sweater is of Little Sir holding your hand... that there is adoration on his face!

And Rhinebeck?!?!? My name is Jealousy!


Loser!? I think it looks gorgeous! The yarn is lovely and the color is edible! Maybe it just doesn't match the ideal picture in your mind? When I look at it, I see beauty!


oooh! I love that color! I think i need to make that sweater!! (j/k) :-)


I think it looks great -- it might not look like how you'd envisioned it, but the sweater you ended up with is lovely and rustic and orangey. Look forward to meeting you at Rhinebeck!


Thanks for the laugh! Youngest Boy kept asking me what was so funny.

The sweater may have a loser quality to it (and I know of which you speak) but it really is rather nice. The color is beautiful and it looks like the kind of sweater that could almost function as a jacket.

Next time you'll have to really take the time to make yourself something truly beautiful. You really are worth it.


That is a delicious tweedy-orangey yarn, desipite its propensity to breakage.
I love the photo where Little Sir is looking up at you so lovingly!


Heh. It doesn't look like a loser knit from here, but I totally know what you mean (looking at my own sweaters that I've knit). :)

BTW, I knit this sweater for my mom in rowan ASC, added waist shaping, added an all-over simple texture pattern... and it works on her I think (http://www.fiberfetishist.com/?p=436). I think the biggest problem with the pattern is that it doesn't have any waist shaping and it's a heavy worsted yarn. Those simple decreases / increases at the waist make such a huge difference!


That's a great description and analysis of sweater knititng, and how many factors go into it. Food for thought, even if it does drape strangely. Still good for fall . . .


Well, even if you don't like it, it still looks pretty good! And if you're holding Lil' Sir, no one will even notice :) Even if I'm wearing a dirty, hole-y t-shirt, ripped jeans, no makeup and messy hair, and I'm holding Robby, nobody even notices me :P They just ooh and aah over the baby, BTW, I don't think Lil' Sir could be any cuter! And I totally agree with you about the Beaverslide, I LOVE their yarn!


It looks wonderful, Nova! Terrific color, and really nice work. I read about the loveliness of Beaverslide more and more...


Oh no. I think you've just earwormed me. *eek* And? So not a loser knit.


I don't think it's a loser either; a bit boxy, but not unattractive at all. That color is indeed awesome - and I love Beaverslide too.
If you think it's too tent-like, block it again, but stretch the body down to make it longer and skinnier - perhaps that would help? It's a shame to work with yarn you love and not love the sweater it becomes.


Fabulous, funny post!


Drape-schmape. Who needs drape when you have orange-y, tweedy, cable-y goodness? I think it looks fabulous (and very fall). I totally understand the disappointment of making a sweater that doesn't fit the way you wanted it too, but in the case of a cardigan, I think you can totally make it work. Sounds like you will be getting lots of use out of it.

Love the pic of Little Sir holding your hand and looking up at you.


Thanks for posting this. I currently have a loser sweater to post about and I think I hit every step you mention. And I also knew it was going to be a loser the entire time. At least I now have a warm fall sweater to wear over p.j's and running errands. I do really like the colour of your sweater and I think it makes a good Saturday morning errand sweater.


You've inspired me to make my own loser knit! Just kidding-- I've already figured that one out. I refused to post pics of me in it, so you get extra points for bravery.

The color is so nice that I can see how it might cloud your judgment in other areas.


Aah, denial. Causes trouble everytime. But your sweater looks great. I do love the color and that Beaverslide is wonderful stuff and will be so snuggly when it gets cold.


Oh you make me laugh, Nova.

I agree -- not really that loser-ish at all. The drape isn't ideal, I suppose, but it's still cute and cozy. And that color really is fab. I'd fall for it too.


This post totally cracked me up (which, believe me, is exactly what I needed after my last few days).

But hey, for a loser knit, it doesn't look half bad. Pretty cute, even. And that yarn, such a perfect orange!

Maybe this is the inspiration I need to finish my own Sienna!


Am I a freak for loving this sweater??? I love it, seriously!


I honestly think this looks great! I love this color for fall!


I do love the color and thanks for the tip about not seaming with Beaverslide!

Too bad about the whole sweater though - maybe you will grow to love it?


Not a winner, not a loser, but you sure are much wiser from completing this project. That's what I love about knitting and crafting in general. Nothing is every going to come out perfect. But you sure do learn a lot in the process. I like to think about it as taking it for the team. Every loser (or not quite loser in this case), guarantees more perfect knits in the future.


Oh, I think it makes a nice "rake the leaves" sweater, myself. so it's not an absolute perfect fit. I bet, like you said, it's snugly and serves its purpose. Thanks for the link, by the way. I think I just got lucky doing a top-down sweater in this wool so I won't have to deal with seaming. Of course there's the matter of the lack of drape and the fact that my sweater, too, has a collar. hah hah!

Oh, and I love that song! It reminds me of the summer it was a big hit--I was waitressing that summer (I was in college) and the dishwashers would constantly sing it. There's nothing like dishwashers singing at the top of the lungs that they're losers.

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