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October 15, 2007



I love that little desk! And I can't wait to see that sweater in a model shot. I hope that toddler bed thing is going well, I can see how that could be really hard :P I'm not looking forward to transitioning Robby out of our bed, ay yay yay. Your socks are looking awesome too!


I can't wait to see the final quilt...the sketch looks promising. Love the socks what yarn are you knitting with?


That desk was worth the stress, I;d say! Love the sock as well...


Can't wait to see the quilt! Glad the transition is getting easier!


I'm glad to hear the ends are woven in. Here's hoping that you'll like it better than you expect you will.

It looks like you have a great quilt planned. It will be fun to see!


What an adorable little desk! I really love the colors in the sock yarn you're using. And it looks like there's a fun quilt in the making!


I love the sketch you have going for the quilt. It's going to be great, I can tell already.

Is that black or brown yarn in the last pic? It looks purty.


Can't wait to see Sienna in all its glory :)


It always seems like the closer something is, the easier it is to get lost!!! :) Love the new socks....


Looks like you have lots going on. The desk is so cute and that soup looks really good. Excited to see your other WIP's finished.


Oooh oooh oooh orange sweater! I can't wait--although it wouldn't be dry over here either. Go away, humidity-it's fall!


Oooh, love the socks!


Your sienna sweater looks so pretty! I hope you love it when it's all done. Your quilt looks it'll be really colorful and cheery! I hope the little guy likes it.


Hurray!! Giggle! Thanks!!
I'm having a tough time deciding!
I love the yarn you are using for the sock. It is so dark and delicious!


Well it's about time! I love the color you chose for Sienna.

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