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November 01, 2007



Yay for cute baby socks! Yay for yummy pie! Yay for cute baby sock wearing, yummy pie eating Little Sir! I am so amazed by all these little socks!


Nova, that amount of finishing is inspiring. I've never actually made baby socks. Do they really stay on? We've been battling with B's socks for weeks. Perhaps some mama made ones would be better? I have LOTS of remnants. Good for you for using up EVERY LAST BIT of yarn!!!


Oh my goodness, what bright happy sock pictures you have here! I love those baby socks, and wow, so many!

(apparently I am incapable of leaving comments that are anything other than something along the lines of "wow! colors! yay!" when I am this sleep deprived. But still. Wow! Colors! Yay!)


All of those baby socks are so cute! (And tempting.) But no, as it is I struggle to find babies to knit for!

The pie looks delicious and that engineer truely is a dreamboat!


Holy sockville! That's a ton of fabulous baby socks. They look like fun -- I need to sort through my sock yarn leftovers and give that a try.


thanks for the journey!
i can't believe all of these socks...their cuteness is just making me giddy!
yeah for pie......as soon as my stomach ache (i am worse than my kids ) subsides, i want to make that!


The baby socks are so cute! Exactly what I'm planning to do wit the tons of sock yarn leftovers I have! : )

Liz K.

Question: about how many grams of sock yarn do they take? Can you weigh a pair? I have lots of leftovers, and baby socks might be real cute! And you know, I love to jump right onto your madness!


OK - your are a LITTLE crazy, but that's what keeps it fun! Now I'm trying to think of who I could possibly knit baby socks for....
Damn, that pie looks good!


beautiful socks, beautiful pie, beautiful engineer! i'm totally into "pushing daisies" now, so perhaps we need to busy out the husband's "PIE" cookbook and try some new recipes. you inspire me! (always.)


The little socks are so cute! That pie looks TOO GOOD, too. Your boy is so, so darling. You do good work all around;-)


All those little baby socks are adorable. Almost makes me wish I had a baby to put into them. I always hated all the baby socks my boys had.

LOVE the Pie. Do you have the cookbook Pie by Ken Haedrich? Amazing!


No not crazy...you're my new knitting idol!


Love all the socks! They are all so cute.


Little Sir is getting so big! So cute.

Love the socks!!


That pie looks and sounds so insanely good. And who could resist knitting those baby socks? They look so darling, especially all jumbled in that pile.


I don't think you're crazy at all. Those baby socks are just too cute for words. And, if I wasn't in a dorm room with an unreliable oven, I would totally jump on the Pie Hole bakealong bandwagon!


Those are adorable! I can see why they're so addictive. And that pie? Scrumptious!

I just watched last week's Pushing Daisies. I'm a little behind. I loved the line, "Big daddy needs to buy new yarn."


I'm with Jodi -- Holy Sockville!

And that engineer... what a dreamboat! ;~P


Oh, the socks, the socks - adorable, but the little boy - even more so!


Yeah, ok, but clearly it's the crazy train to cutesville, and that's fine by me.


All those bright, colorful socks put me in mind of the cinematography in Pushing Daisies. I love them! Baby socks are a delight in any circumstances, but in such a large quantity? Almost too cute to bear!

See you on the Crazy Train!


Oh thanks for the link. I need to make some baby socks--I have a few new babies coming into my life in the next few months and a little leftover sock yarn myself to burn through! Little sir is adorable in his costume.


Too funny! I have two pairs of baby socks from remnants and was planning to knit more! They are so so cute! And Little Sir, always a cutie!


Thanks a lot for funny colourful pictures in GREY NOVEMBER WEATHER ;D
LG Eva

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