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January 16, 2008



cute jacket - those ends though - that is a lot of ends!!! funny how even youngsters know exactly what they want in clothes!


That Tomten will be adorable. Especially now that it will have pockets ;)


Hey, I live in Busyland, too! We can be neighbors. I'd throw a block party, but you know... too busy.

I love the colors on your Tomten -- and you're right: choose his colors for him while you can!


Wow, a lot of ends, and the colors look too far apart to carry the colors up the sides. It will be a cute jacket though, whether Little Sir realizes it or not. The colors really look great together.

I hope you get to leave Busyland soon.


Little Sir is getting demanding, isn't he? I have to admit that gave me a chuckle.

As always, your baking skills make me drool and turn me green all at the same time. :)


Cute! So many ends, though!

I love that color green, and I don't like green. I can see why you're itching to knit with that yarn. Is Andy the name of the sheep?


oh, that pie! i will have to try the recipe. and the yarn! love, love, love that green! my favorite color.
I hope you like the chili...let me know!


Ya! My eyes hurt from all those ends! Ooch. Oww.


That Tomten is going to be so cute!! And I can why you're excited for that green, it's amazing!


Beautiful colour combo! And, wow, those ends. My heart hurts a little for you. You're a trooper!

PS: just noticed, from your about page, that you're an archivist/librarian. Hey, me too! Cool beans :)


Wow, that is a lot of ends! But I'm sure it will be all worth it when you're done with the jacket. I love the stripeyness of it.
I've moved blogs, you can now find me at http://knittinginpink.wordpress.com

Sarah R

That is a mess of ends. (Hey...great name for a dinner of left-overs! "What's for dinner?" "Oh, Mess'o'ends.") I would have been tempted to run all the yarn up the side, but then I'm sort of sloppy that way. Weaving in ends can be sort of calming and therapeutic, though. (Keep telling yourself that.) Love the colors.

And man, you're evil to post that link to Farmhouse Yarns...I hadn't heard of them before.


Delicious post as usual!

I love the stripes. The colors are so perfect together.

Sarah D.

Hurray for knitting to preserve the happy! By the by, you do know that National Pie Day is the 23rd! I'm going to make pie for the first time since November! Probably apple, but I'm looking forward to seeing your banana cream next week!


That color combo is so awesome! Yummy yummy pie.


OMG! Those ends would do me in. Just the sight of them gives me the shivers.

That green yarn looks almost as yummy as the pie. I think you've inspired me to make a pie for my husband this weekend.


i haven't seen the talk about posting wip's....but i like it. i am always so unsure if people want to see them or not.
i love your wip. the colors go together so nicely!
and pie. oh beautiful pie. you tease me everytime i come over here with just my coffee. i think i should go get a cookie. :)


woweee, you are brave. Those are a lot of ends. I love the colors in the Tomten and it's going to be fabulous.


oh dear, those ends! but it's cute, and if ever there was a person deserving of all that ends-weaving, it's little sir.

oh, and then there's your most awesomest green yarn! i can't wait to see these grow up to be something woolly and good :)

Amy Artisan

The stripe combo is beautiful - it does indeed remind me of some vintage rugs.

The bright green is a nice punch of color in the midst of winter grey.

And chocolate pie - really you can't go wrong with that! :)


Oooooh, chocolste cream? Man, I might have to do that this weekend. No lemons for pie last weekend =(


I'm loving that tweedy yarn. And yum, that pie! I'll send some happy thoughts your way :)


that pie looks delish.

by the way, the cdr asked me the other day, in a petulant-yet-adorable tone, "do you think that, maybe next year, i could get something 'novamade' for christmas, too?" i told him he'd have to ask very nicely, and maybe send you some good pie recipes. :)


Is it possible to spit-felt the yarn? When I was knitting the shocking skirt, I managed to figure out just where to do the spit-felt so the overlap of colors spanned just one stitch at the edge (in the transition from red to gray). Because wow, that's a lot of ends.

And I totally love your weekly baking!


Have you tried allrecipes'"Banana Cream Pie III"? I made it last week, albeit with real heavy cream whipped up (!!), and it came out fabulously. I used 1 Vanilla pie filling and one Banana flavor--instead of all vanilla. My family flipped over it. Julierose

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