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January 09, 2008



Alright, I have to bake something tomorrow, you've decided it for me.
I'd say (with a couple years of paid bakerly experience behind me) that you should try your citrus cake again with just the *zest* of a whole orange. There's no reason in the world to submit anyone to the taste of orange-peel-white - bleh indeed!
As for "concerningly unhealthy," my husband woke me up a few days before Christmas; he was upset because I had been twitching my fingers in my sleep, apparently knitting along merrily... (I asked why he didn't insert the needles and yarn that were on the beside table and just let me be.)


My husband has for years told me that I "practice" my piano in my sleep and when I am "listening" to him my fingers are tapping out scales or some fantastically difficult Beethoven run...my mind does tend to go over and over things left in any kind of "open" or undone state as I am falling asleep. Just a part of being detail-oriented and on the intense side. (Or so I am told). Julierose


Ha! yes, I know what you mean. I have lost sleep over the projacts (sewing, mostly) that did not really come out all that great. Wondering what I should do with them, cut them up, donate to goodwill, or just toss them in the friggin' garbage. it has been know to consume me, and my husband rolls his eyes at me. he thinks i have a problem. maybe i do, but that is the down side of being as crafty as we are...right?


Thanks a lot, Nova - now I miss Pushing Daisies even more AND my mouth is watering!!! ;)


Sounds like a very good plan. Although, I think WIPs tend to ebb and flow in most knitters' worlds, so I wouldn't worry much.

You're baking looks wonderful as always--bummer about the orange cake. There is a very good basic orange cake recipe in the Fanny Farmer's Baking Cookbook. I've made it with orange buttercream and I also made the candied orange peel threads to decorate the top (all recipes in that book). If you really have a hankering for an orange cake, that would fit the bill.


I swear to all that's holy I had a thoughtful post with lots of encouragement about your plan and losing sleep over knitting...

...but then you said Banana Cream Pie.


What a great idea to post the WIPs, rather than the FO's. Like you, I've really enjoyed seeing everyones finished objects. But I've felt too overwhelmed to pour over my photos, many of which are not on flickr and organize myself enough to post them.

Your WIPs are inspiring. I love the colors of both the Tomten and herrringbone mitts.


I love your WIP mosaic. You have some lovely things there. What made you put the Snicket aside? I've had them in my queue forever.

I'd like to see a pie mosaic. Mmmm! That butter cake looks so yummy.


How about no new yarn purchases unless X wips are complete? =) Your pie addiction has crept into my soul.. I don't dream of knitting at night, rather PIE! ;)


Oh, the WIPs! Somehow I've gone from working one project from start to finish to having too many things on the needles - I, too have been relegated to the finish one thing, start another limitation!

Those are some lovely projects - and cake/pie is always a tasty distraction ;)

BTW, congrats on your wheel - how exciting!!!!

Lynne Nelson-Berg

Love the look of your pie It is such a pitty about the cake though. In theory it does sound good though. Hope the rest of the recipes are better.


It's funny, I often feel weirdly guilty about my WIPs, like they are proof that I am a bad person. Crazy, huh?

The WIPS I am most excited for you to finish: the Herringbone mittens as they feature my new fave color combo!


I too have obsessed and been kept up (or distracted from other things) by knitting issues. For me, multiple projects give me angst. More than 1 pair of socks and 1 other project sends me into a tizzy. I didn't get as much done on the plane as I would have hoped, so I'm trying to play catch up now...

Too bad about the orange cake - the concept sounded pretty good!


WIPs... *sigh* the story of my knitting life... I should start a blog about WIPs because I'd have more entries than if I only did FO's! Of course, the difference is your full of good ideas that need to be on needles and I'm just ssssllloooowwww!
And I've dreamed about unfinished projects at work, so I'm thinking your obsession is healthier than mine!


I'm in mourning over the loss of new episodes of Pushing Daisies. I miss it so!

Susan B

Yeah - I made one of those "shaker lemon pies" once that calls for whole lemons to be thinly sliced and then tossed with sugar & a few other spices and then the whole mucky mess poured in a pie shell and baked.


Talk about a total train-wreck of a pie!!!!

I have a fantastic recipe for orange/oatmeal/chocolate chip cookies if you'd like it - it's a household favorite - even amongst my husband and 2-year old son, oddly enough!


I have lost sleep over both knitting and quilting projects :) You're not alone!

I'm so sad that there won't be much new TV this spring. Ironically, I plan to make up for that by watching TV shows on DVD....


I'm always so hungry after seeing your posts! I'm so glad you played along and put up your mosaic. Your photos are beautiful! Thanks for the link to mine. And, you know, I always have your back - from one knitter to another!


If I have more than 4 projects going at once - I have definitely been known to get stressed and lose sleep! (right now I have 5, so I'm trying to figure out how to get rid of one quickly - without frogging anything - and I'm NOT allowing myself to start anything else until I'm back down to 3 - gotta follow the rules :-)
Your mosaic is beautiful - The Aran mitts are so pretty in white!


I can understand you losing sleep over a project. I've been there. Gone to sleep and woken up with yarn on my mind.


Oh, the sleep I have lost on WIPs and even projects that I haven't even started! Eek. That's way worse. Try not to sweat the WIPs. You'll get things all done when you can!

Glad you like the pie!


Yum, the tosca cake looks delicious!


i am hungry!
and you are not alone on your sleep issues! i often loose sleep over my projects. sounds crazy to non knitters, but others think it sound completely normal! :)
beautiful mosaic.


That's one excellent plan. I like the baking of cakes as consolation as well. :) Your post is making me itch to bake but my oven is busted...poo...must do the next best thing and go by the bakery tomorrow. And about the lost sleep, yeah, me too. The whole lying awake while making lists in my head thing is a pretty common occurrence for me...so, no worries, you're as sane as any one of the rest of us!


I'm not sure that anything that helps maintain sanity (like crafts) can be unhealthy! And like many others...I too, dream of knitting. It's not always pleasant though--that depends on my stress level and what project I'm working on!

RE you comment...I'd love to see the Ditty Bops in concert...they seem like a very fun (and talented) pair! Listening to their music just instantly puts a smile on my face! (kinda like all your baking goodness!)

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