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January 04, 2008



Darn, I didn't get a bag of yarn! But I DID get my favorite bag of all the ones you made. Seriously. My bag #8 was fantabulous.

Penny is beautiful. Happy Spinning!!!


I knew that was your bag! It was your favorite color mention (I forget where) that convinced me. =]

I love the new wheel - it looks beautiful. And that 'something' on the bobbin looks nice too.


Yay for new toys! =)


That Special K! He didn't get that nickname for nothin, eh? What a wheel! Congrats :-)


Congrats to Elinor! Have fun with your new toy - so cool!


oh, i am jealous i did not win! what a great give away!


Yup, the spinning totally drives the knitting! Have fun with your new friend. She's a beauty!!


I think the light finish of the wheel is really beautiful-will be fun to see you create! Happy Spinning!


What a face on Little Sir! He really is the cutest kid in blogland.

I love that Noro scarf and just might have to join the throngs and knit it this year.

Congratulations on your new wheel. She's a beauty.


YAY!! I'm so excited I won! That was one of the sweetest contests ever! I'll email you my contact info. Give Little Sir a squeeze for picking my name out!

I hope that spinning will fuel your knitting because I like your knitting a lot! Good luck with the wheel!


Yeah, just keep telling yourself that. Spinning feeds the knitting. Spinning feeds the knitting. I can already feel you going over to the dark side...


Congratulations on the spinning wheel and the classes! Spinning and knitting? The perfect craft marriage. :)


Congrats on the wheel and lessons - you're going to love it - and I'm going to love looking at your results!


yep, I agree, that would have to be the best gift ever. lucky you! I'm SO tempted to take up spinning. and that has nothing to do with the fact that the hardware is so gorgeous ;)


Oooh, I was so close! Congrats to Elinor and have fun with the new toy, Nova! Happy New Year!


Dang, I was so close!


your new (soon to be) friend looks like a lot of fun. and i bet little sir likes it too.....!
congrats to elinor....she got a great bag!

Sarah R

Congrats to Elinor!

I agree that Little Sir is one of the cutest kids out there...though Saartje posted a picture of Lotte recently that could come pretty close to toppling him...or perhaps they could reign together.

So...no bag for me...but I did guess correctly which one you were keeping. I can pat myself on the back for that.


Pretty wheel! And cutie cakes is so precious :)


Such a great shot of Little Sir! He's a cutie.

Congratulations on your wheel, and best of luck spinning!


look at the new wheel!! I go away and everyone buys wheels! wow!!!!!


Congrats on the wheel! I'm planning on getting one too later this year, after I move (I'm changing coasts and moving to New England! :) ). How is the adjustment from spindle to wheel?

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