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January 23, 2008



Oooh! I love all those fabrics together! : )

Amy Artisan

Wow - you have been a busy baker! Everything looks delicious. I've been in a mood to bake - I think this weekend I'll pick up a few things at the store & spend some time with my mixer. :) Love the bright fabrics for the quilts - it looks they'll be keeping you busy for a bit.


What a great post and photo of little Sir. But now I have to go and pull out the writing journal beacuse now I want pie! Thanks :)


Oh, I have a question too. Your photos are so beautiful. Care to share what type of camera you have? I'm in the market for a new one since I've started blogging.
Thanks so much and thanks again for taking the tag.


"Maida Heatter's boston cream "pie", it's not a pie, actually. "

Care to share the recipe? I have to admit when I drive by a Dunkin' Donuts, my mouth waters and I have to seriously close my eyes and not think about the delicious-ness that is the boston creme donut. but then i realize that its not a good idea to drive with my eyes closed and instead i just speed away.


ooh la la, I'm hungry after reading this post. also? I have a strange hankering to iron and cut fabric. lots of it. can't wait to see what quilty goodness you're about to whip up :)


Did Little Sir get his own, child-sized pie? Thats so awesome!


Little Sir is one lucky little fella! (And, from the expression on his face, I think he knows it!)

LOVE the new glasses. I desperately need to change mine as well!


All the food looks great! I have no idea why January 23rd is pie day, either (just found out today, actually), but a. It's also Robert Burns' birthday, and b. That means there are two pie days, the other being pi day, March 14th.

Also, good choice of reading material. I love Zadie Smith.


Seriously. Special K and Little Sir are some lucky guys to have wonderful you baking all those yummys!

I have been baking cookies like crazy too! Sweetness must be in the air :-)


Oh the pie! Oh the cookies! It's all so delicious! I need a bib when I come on over here. :)


mmmm - everything looks so good! Boston Cream Pie...that is my hubby and sister's favorite! I make that for them for their birthdays. I'm with you though - savory over sweet almost any day!

looks like your sewing machine is going to be pretty busy!


Wow, you put me to shame! Who eats all these delightful baked goods you make? And quilting too! My dear, you are a wonder.


You have been busy! AND you're making me hungry!


I too just recently got new glasses. (I lover the color of yours!) They are so hip and fun...that I feel like I have to dress up to wear them. Being a SAHM - this might be a good thing. But I'll tell you a secret - they make me feel good - and its like putting on a smart and snappy person for the whole world to see. (Not the normal frazzled did I remember to brush my teeth woman that I see!)

Can I ask- how do you get so much baking done and have time for your hobbies ontop of being mom!?! Is there a secret?

Have a great weekend!


I have been on a no treats fast this month, and this post almost did me in! So yummy!


Five quilts? Not saying you can't do it, but wow, that's ambitious!


I have the same problem with glasses. I finally started getting glasses that would stay up when I moved to CA. I also make sure to get extra-thin lenses - the difference between my prescriptions would often make one side slide down in a rather lopsided way! The lighter, the better!


Holy cow! Who can keep up with you? That's some scrumptious living over there. I'm getting ready to piece a quilt too but it's for my 15 yr old son who wanted solid colors, a bit less creative than yours!


Thanks for making me REALLY hungry! By the way, I am passing on the "You Make My Day" Award to you. See my blog if you want to pass it on to others.


whenever i read you, i have a smile on my face and i think.....wow. she is so cool! :)
love your new glasses.
and all of that yummy stuff is making me hungry. again!!!

look forward to seeing your beautiful fabric creations!


Love the stack of fabric-can't wait to see what you whip up.


Yummy yummy yummy! That last pic? That last pic made my day!


You said the magic words--Maida Heatter, everything I know about baking I learned from her, thanks for mentioning the true queen of baking!*

*I mean, besides you of course...


Trying to decide what about the post made me smile more...beautiful pie, cookies, cake (oh my), your huge pile of fabric, or the appearance of a Zadie Smith book under your hip glasses? Doesn't matter, multiple smiles happened and I thank you for that :)

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