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March 19, 2008



Yummy baking as usual and Little Sir is just adorable in the cute apron. Nice job on both.



I just picked up a cute, vintage "Mother's Helper" apron at the thrift store but obviously Simonne is a bit too young to be cooking with me yet. Jorn helps me all the time and I was just thinking, "Why doesn't he have an apron?" Ugh! I know I keep saying this each time I see your sewing projects but I *really* have to get past my fear of sewing.

Amy S.

You are so lucky to have such a cute and talented sous-chef! : ) His apron is adorable! See you soon!

Lola LB

I think it's cool that he's learning to develop a love for cooking this early!


Some day a mother will be saying, "because he's the sous chef Little Sir!" well maybe "Big Sir" by then...


Food Network is totally educational. I leave it on as white noise for Melody when she is sleeping.

Little Sir is so cute sitting on the counter. You have an awesome sous chef.


So cute. I LOVE that he is a chef-in-training and is appropriately attired with an apron!


I love, Love, LOVE that fabric!


Adorable fabric.


i love that apron, and really your sewing skills look prestine to me. Little Sir looks so sweet in those little jammies. I love the food network too. it is on every evening at our house. the kids have their favorite shows too. we all love it.


I was wondering how you make all those awesome pies with Little Sir! I thought you did it all while he was asleep, but now I know, he is the key. I can't wait till Robby can help me in the kitchen :) The apron looks fantastic, and I love his stripey pjs :D


Mediocre? Um, hello? I believe your last post proves you wrong! (:


I love that pie. I mean, I've never had it, but I know I love it from over here, because how could I not if it photographs like that!? And I love that Little Sir knows ceviche.

pamela wynne

Cute! and, of course, yum. seriously, yum.

Also, I am a horrible person because my panties were not the least twisted -- it didn't even occur to me when I saw the photo that toddler + hot stove = serious incident. I am never babysitting again!


How cute is Little Sir in that apron? I can't stand it! Sweeter than the Pie.


yep. an assistants requirement are undoubtably a cute apron. you are one sweet boss.

Christy / Not Hip

OMG, I can't believe you let your child handle raw eggs..RAW ;)
Okay, I just felt like I had to freak out over something. Cute apron and great sous chef.


Hello there... I'm new here. Just wanted to admire your baby in his apron, and also your baby quilt.

I'm another archivist, who sews and knits whenever she can (though my opportunities are sadly limited by study at the moment). I'll be back.


So adorable seeing little sir helping you out with the baking. I think the apron was an absolute necessity :)


Yuuuuuum! I should tell you about B's little nephew, he's definitely a chef in training. By 3 he already had his favorite chefs thanks to frequent viewings of the food network.. but I'm sure his mom being a fabulous (former) trained chef helped it along as well.


Wow! Little Sir has some talent. When do we get a "Cooking with Little Sir" regular segment?


Aw, that little apron look fabulous on him :)

Susan B

[snort] I have my Little One help me when there IS heat involved these days! Now at the uber-wise age of 3 he's allowed to be held by me in one arm, guided w/ my free hand, and carefully CAREFULLY allowed to stir something on a very low flame where there is no danger whatsoever of splashing.

I do keep him away from the honey and flour, though. Oh yeah, and the powdered sugar.


Aha! Now your secret is out. You get so much done because of your help. Good help is so hard to find.

That apron is adorable. Little Sir looks quite fetching in it.

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