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March 05, 2008



That was great!! you are too creative!! (and i bet it was a great way to procrastinate some more!)


yummy! love it all. the quilt is beautiful!


Everyone in the office is wondering why I'm laughing so hard. And now I'll have Gilbert & Sullivan going through my head for the rest of the day...


Brava, brava! I love the song, and the Tomten (in progress) looks fantastic too! The quilt, the spinning, and the pie are nice additions, but again, it's Little Sir who steals the show...


Nicely done post. The poem/song is very creative. And the pie...soooo yummy.


Oh that Merino really is fabulous. Must. Spin. More.


So you're saying (singing) that the un-woven ends are driving you to spin pink yarn? Your world is really turning upside down!

I love that first quilt picture. It's so crisp.


Are you sure you're not really a gay man with a love of show tunes trapped in a woman's body?? Because that song was amazing!


Fabulous! I love it all from the chocolate to the child! Hey I'll be in your woods in April... can I stand in awe near your stash? *grin*

Oh, how many ends could you have woven in in the time it took you to write that???


I cannot compete with you and Pam for writing whole blog posts in verse. I really should just close up shop and move away right now. amazing.

so you're not done yet??


You are too cute. As is everything else in this post, but perhaps most especially that quilt. Love it.


Little Sir, that face is too much! He must get everything he wants. I'm sure we can convince Special K there is room for a loom....


What a fun adorable post!! Keep plugging along on those ends!

When I saw that spinning on Flickr this morning, I had no idea it was the fiber I sent. You spun it up beautifully!


WOW! Very impressive, to say the least. That was lovely!


you know me, being all anal and list driven lately, had to wonder how many ends you could have woven in during the creation of your song? :) actually it makes me happy to see others procrastinate. Makes me feel better about myself! Is that wrong?

loving your quilt...really like the white base with the colorful squares...some very cool fabric in there! can't wait to see it finished.


This post was fabulous. It made me smile. I enjoy your creativity. Your projects are inspiring, as always.


HILARIOUS!!! I love it. Also loving your cute Little Sir pic and the new quilt! Adorable.


Oh Nova, you are fantastic. I totally get the whole procrastinate one craft-related bit of unpleasantness by turning to another bit of crafting. I think we procrastinators get so much done b/c we have to find ways to avoid doing the things we are trying to put off!

Everything you're working on looks amazing! And what a great pic of Little Sir. Yay for more Little Sire!


I really wish I could hear you sing the song. Couldn't you use one of those voice recorder things? Great thoughts for the procrastiknitters amongst us.

Last night I baked cookies to avoid the Koolhass that is sitting in my bag waiting to be picked up. It got put down when Adam walked in the door with his broken arm and there it sits. I haven't decided if I can continue or if it needs to be frogged to become something else.


Wow, you were not kidding about taking the time to baste your quilt. I get lazy and don't use a lot of pins. I space them very far apart. I hear you about the binding thing.

I love procrasti-knit!


I know you've written a nice poem and have lots of funny things you've said, but I'm completely distracted by your handspun. It's great. P.S. Get some dyes!


You rock! Little Sir, the pie, the tomtem, the spinning, the quilt, the poem....awesome!


Very funny! The yarn you spun looks lovely, and I don't blame you a bit for procratinating with all those ends. Fab photo of Little Sir as usual.

Liz K.

You're silly!!!!


I love it! As a super procrastinator I'll be singing it all day. And may I say, Little Sir is just the cutest!

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