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March 26, 2008



nothing's better than kid kisses!! yea! that banner is fabulous and omg, i want some cake now... it's so close in the pic i can almost brush a finger on that icing ;-) love it!


Happy birthday, Lil Sir!

Cute banner, Mamma!


He's two already?! Happy Birthday Little Sir!


You totally win the prize for using quixotic more times in a blog post than anyone else! Congrats :)
BTW, Little Sir is too cute!


sooo cute! Happy Birthday Little Sir!!! Love the banner and that cake looks dellllicious! I'm a banilla girl too :)


Totally fun banner! We just celebrated my son's 2nd birthday too! Happy birthday to your little one. I'm new to your blog, but I can see it's a good one. I might even try my hand at a pie one of these days. I know I like to eat it afterall...


Happy birthday to Little Sir. Boys do have a fascination with fire and pointy sticks. Go figure. The cake looks yummy! The banner is wonderfu. Lucky guy:)


Great pics - what a fun birthday! That one of him with the candles burning... yeah, he's got a little bit of mischief coming, right?

Liz K.

I'm feeling seriously like a slack Mom, celebrating their birthdays for one measly day, and without handmade banners either. But I did make their cakes, especially once my daughter told me that buying cakes from the grocery store was sort of the lazy way out. Meet the monster I've created.

PS-- LS just keeps getting cuter. Will I see him again at MDSW?


Happy birthday gorgeous boy. x


Well, I'll be the first to admit that I had to look up quixotic, though the blog gave several hints.
I can't wait to see Mr. Adorable next month!! Happy Birthday LS!! (Oh, and my birthday is in May but I don't mind starting the celebration in April :~P)


See, that is why I love reading your blog, because you use words like quixotic and sisyphean!

Those letters are so much fun. We might need a set here. I'll have to put my girls on it.

Happy birthday adorable boy!


I'm not that particular. Cake, pie, tarts. Sweets be sweets to a woman in stress. Another quilt that has a great color combination going on--can't wait to see it finished!


nova, everything looks so good! happy birthday to your little man! he looks so sweet!


Happy Birthday Little Sir! I am with you 100% about celebrating birthdays Big Time. Your banner came out great! Love it and will certainly keep it in mind for the big "1" coming up in June.

Kisses are the best. Soak them up. To my great dismay there really does seem to be a time when little boys don't give them as freely anymore.

That Little Sir...he is such a cutie!

Christy / Not Hip

Wow, I feel like he just had a birthday. Looks like a great celebration, but I agree that that fire fascination is a little worrisome.


oh my gosh. little sir is getting so big!
you are such a sweet mama! i LOVE the banner. i can just imagine his memories of his banners every year!!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY little sir!!!!!!


Happy Birthday Little Sir! That is an awesome banner. What a fun post!


Happy Birthday Little Sir!
What a great "banilla" cake you and your Mommy made!
PS: My daughter Julija is turning 2 on April 4th... Chocolate cake for her, definitely "-late" cake.


Happy Birthday Little Sir! (love the new cake stand!)


Happy Birthday Little Sir! What a lucky boy you are!


Happy Birthday Little Sir! And Nova? If you ever feel like throwing a birthday party for *my* Quincy, his birthday is in November. ;-)


I love the banner, I have to try it one day, the colours are bright and perfect for a birthday banner. Sending birthday wishes for your little one.


OH I LOVE IT! Wow I am so impressed with your meticulously perfect letters! Thanks for the props, too! (: Elliot's birthday was on Tuesday, so he's almost exactly a year younger than Little Sir! I also love that tee he's wearing - hilarious!


That banner.. LOVE IT! I don't see why you can't have one of those for EVERY occasion you serve pie or cake. Little Sir, happy birthday to you!

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