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March 26, 2008



I love your Scrabble approach to banner-making (I'd be tempted to do some extra red and green letters for Christmas purposes, but then I'm addicted to Christmas decorating). Also, Little Sir's T-shirt is fabulous.

I have been looking for a cake stand like that one for some time... but will just have to keep on.


I LOVE the banner! I don't think you can go wrong making too many letters either, since most people celebrate birthdays more than once. You can totally use it in the future. Gotta love function. Love the ribboned cake stand too! So cute!


LOVE IT!!!!!!!! That's such a great idea. I'm a bit quixotic about birthdays too....how sweet that he was able to have that imput about his banilla cake.
May I ask (Beg) you....where did you find that hybrid Big Wheels shirt? I must have one!!!


i didn't realize how close in age our little guys are. john turned 2 on march 15th. anyway, i LOVED reading the post and especially LOVED the adorable pics of Little Sir. SO sweet. the cooking and apron pictures in earlier posts are also adorable. what a lucky pair you two are to have each other.


Happy birthday to Little Sir! I can't believe he's two already... And I am so stealing that banner idea for Peanut's birthday this summer, it's so cute and happy! xoxo


Have I commented on this post yet? Why on earth can't I remember? Probably because I keep coming back to it to enjoy. Happy Birthday to your guy. And I can't be the only one who is totally going to steal the banner idea.


Love the banner. Happiest of birthdays Little Sir!


A very happy birthday to Little Sir!

The banner and cake look fabulous. I'll have to check out the white cake recipe. If I meet the mother of a little Zarthustra; I'll be sure to give her your blog address.


Happy Birthday to your little guy! It looks like he had a fantastically fun (and yummy) day :)


Oh man, I'm so far behind - Happy belated birthday to Little Sir!!


Happy (belated) birthday, Little Sir!!

I LOVE the banner, and the cake looks awesome.

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