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March 31, 2008



So pretty... I can just imagine how soft it is, too!

Peacock Chic

yeah I love the pattern too. The 30 Bajillion cables really makes the scarf fun instead of a slog fest. I am glad it was fun for you too cause I love the results in such a vibrant color.

Great job


I love your new scarf too! I just love the orange color. Wonderfully done!


lovely job!! i love the color! yea! i'm glad i got to influence the you to do one :-) tee hee!


I really like the stitch pattern, and you picked a great color!


a new orange cabely scarf - what could be more perfect! i love it!


Yes, he's screaming Chuck Bass. The only difference is that the boy is missing Chuck Bass's supremely coiffed "I want it to look like I didn't spend an hour on my hair but I totally did" hairdo. Am I right?


Chuck Bass! So true.

The scarf is so pretty. :)


Pretty! It's very stylish on the kid, but looks fantastic on you.


I hear ya about scarves. I think I haven't knit one in years. Cowls are where it's at. But this pattern is just wonderful so I may have to rethink that. Love it!

I can't bust your sticks about those ends though because I hear ya even louder when it comes to that ;-)


Beautiful as always...I love a pre-Wednesday post. Now that you'll be at your current location for a while longer, you'll continue to need those scarves. I found the perfect contribution for Novacah...when does it begin?


Oooh, pretty! I'm not sure I could handle mohair content against my neck, but that yarn does look mighty nice in that pattern.


It's a great pattern. Very nice scarf. I think it looks like orange sherbert in the sunlight.


that is a great color on you! loving your new scarf!


I love how yours came out! I know what you mean about scarves, but I made Shifting Sands last year and it was a really quick knit. Not bad at all for a scarf. I totally loved the cabling without a cable needle.


Beautiful work, N. I love this post - the scarf, your words and photos.


beautiful, that orange ROCKS!


Beautiful, Nova! What a glorious shade of orange.

I agree that scarf knitting can be dull, but scarves are so useful. I measure progress on the couch-o-meter as a quarter-cushion of progress in a 2.5-cushion scarf sounds like so much more knitting than 6 inches out of 60.


Gorgeous! That orange color is perfect on you!


I have the same aversion to knitting scarves...so I ask the question: why is it that I can't keep from casting them on? Perhaps pictures of finished products like this one?


It looks great. Not dorkey at all!! I love that yarn.


Gorgeous! What an amazing color ...


I heart orange! You look so happy with it! What more could you ask for?


ahhh!!! Love this scarf. It looks so cozy. I just found your blog via BTR flicker (love the quilt too). I am just learning to knit. Would love to whip one of these out someday ...


Beautiful! and so good to see you make something for yourself. It makes the rest of us selfish knitters (i.e. me) feel a little bit better :)

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