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April 09, 2008



Weaving...oh so jealous. The last time I used a loom was 40 years ago on an outdoor porch in Finland. I loved it then and I am jealous now.


you just jumped right in!! ;) and it is looking great! good for you, Nova. I can't wait to see more of your weaving. I need to get a new warp on my loom... Brooke's work is amazing, isn't it? we talked quite a bit before i learned to weave. she is an inspiration.


loving the orange and blue...looks like you have a new addiction on your hands!

too bad about the pie. it looks like it had great potential!


I weave primitively on a lap loom that was used by the North Eastern Woodland Indians. It's been a long time since I've taken up a project since it is incredibly time consuming, although it is probably one of the most relaxing things I have ever done.

I've never tried using a loom like yours. Hope you're liking it. Weaving is so different but really rewarding :-)


Wow I love your impromptu weaving! You really have never done it before? Neither have I, I've been avoiding spinning because I know I will get addicted. Enjoy your new craft.

Can't wait to see some choclate:)


You are bad! I have always been fascinated with weaving. Your weaving is tempting me. No, I will resist. There is just not enough room for a loom. Baby gear is taking over the house.

Kathy Sue

OOh! looks good from here..the pie and the weaving. I have always been fascinated by weaving. Thanks for the link to Brooke's site.

Amy S.

WOW! Weaving now! You are just awesome! ~A


That's what it looks like when you don't know what you're doing? Insane! I *heart* those colors together!


The weaving looks beautiful to me!


We must give in to these crafting desires when they hit us. Enjoy your weaving adventure :)


Oooh, weaving! This'll be fun to watch. I really like your orange/blue combo!


very impressed by your just jump in attitude. seems to be working for you--I've been having those urges too after seeing some of the weaving on blogs!

btw-I'm still imagining that pie is delicious despite your best efforts to tell me otherwise.


the weaving looks really, really good. love those colors together!


Mary Mother of G-d that blue and orange together are incredible!!


The weaving looks fantastic! The pie sound delicious, maybe you'll like it better next time?

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