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April 02, 2008



Oh that tart looks divine. You're not the first to lose a huge project. Although I've never lost something quite so uhm... sizable as a quilt.


Oh my gosh. Caramel. Cinnamon. Nuts. I am there.


Oooooooh, caramel and nuts? You're just missing the chocolate (which you've smartly drizzled on the plate, SMART GIRL!) It's like snickers.. which reminds me, I still need to make that Dorie cake!

Oh, and I love the cowboy fabrics!


Ooh, that tart looks delicious. But I'm loving the look of that quilt even more!


My quilts used to pucker like that when I machine quilted them. Some nice shop owner told me about a walking foot that attaches to your machine and kind of lifts up and lets the fabric relax while you sew. It really helps! I don't know you from Eve, but thought your would want to know. I was much more satisfified with my quilting after that.

Keep on sewing, knitting and baking. You have a beautiful boy!


LOL! My first thought when I read the title of your post in Bloglines was, "Oh my. Those ends really are driving her crazy. Please tell me she didn't make Ketchup Caramel Pie!"

Whew! What a relief!


Wow that tart looks great and one that I will add to my growing list of ones that I hope to make.

Love the quilt as well! The receipient is a lucky lil' cowpoke!


Wow that tart looks great and one that I will add to my growing list of ones that I hope to make.

Love the quilt as well! The receipient is a lucky lil' cowpoke!


I love that quilt! I never thought I would see modern cowboy quilt but this fits the bill. It is really perfect :)


I love the rodeo fabric!


Great quilt for a little boy who likes cowboys. I like how you situated the two cowboy sillhouette blocks.

The tart looks scrumptious.


that quilt is adorable!love all that fabric.


Love the quilt! Thanks for the weekly dose of sweetness that won't hit my thighs, but makes me crave a bite or two.


The quilt is so cute and the pie looks de-lish!


What a sweet, sweet quilt! I love the idea of making something for the older sibling (but I am an oldest child). And that pie? YUM. My MIL just taught me how to make caramel and now I can't get the idea out of my head. I have a really long run coming up tomorrow, perhaps caramel pie would be a good recovery food???

Angie (Dru's Mommy)

Dru loves his quilt! The name of the quilt...the "Anderson" quilt. Thanks again, Nova.

OH...that pie looks divine. You'd be proud of me...I made a homemade chocolate cake for Prashant's birthday. It was seriously the best, most delicious cake I've made!


great quilt! so simple, yet wonderful. love your scarf too. great pic of you in it!


Love the quilt, the pictures, the food. This has put a bit of brightness into my day.


You did such a fantastic job with that quilt. I LOVE it. And I really like how you chose to have the strips running horizontally so that you could use the directional fabric to maximum advantage. You've inspired me to make another of these (okay, two more actually, for my boys' birthday next month), and I'm going to do horizontal stripes too. Awesome!


i love the quilt, nova! beautiful work.

thanks for your comment on my blog too - I am planning my next warp right now. i have to do more weaving ;)


That quilt is beautiful! I love the bright colors in it!

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