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April 14, 2008



those are great - and orange! a perfect farewell to MagKnits


Nice socks! And it is indeed a nice pattern, every time I see the FOs I think that I should make it. Hopefully it'll be re-posted elsewhere.

Long live the heel flap! I've used short-row heels when necessary (i.e. on colour-work; to conserve yarn), but for me it is all about the flap for comfort. ;)

Octopus Knits

They are completely gorgeous!
(I also love your woven scarf from the previous post and the super cute scarf model in your photoshoot)


They're lovely! I must try and find that pattern - perhaps the designer will make it available elsewhere.

I also disliked short row heels, that was until I knit Express Lane socks. Diane's short row toes and heels look nice and neat.


Love them! I've been meaning to do some snickets for a while...so cute!


Already on the list to make (and actually printed out shockingly enough). Yours are beautiful--and that yarn does look amazing!


Great socks - love the color!


Lovely socks! And I had no idea that Magknits was gone. Too bad.


pretty socks I hope the pattern is available somewhere soon!


Oh, I may have to ask you for that pattern now that the site is now where to be found! Love them!


Oh, I've noticed that too :)

Beautiful job on the socks! You're making me want to knit my second Snicket sock!


Nice job!


gorgeous! that is my new favorite color!


Who needs two socks that match? I think that is my new motto... :~D They're ridiculously fab... Bream-ish even! *guffaw*


Yes, fabulous stitch pattern and color!


Love the socks! I just - like, literally, last night - did my second ever short row heel. I might try it again (to finish the pair :)). But, hey, I might not.


great socks!!! i am off to the queue!! :-)


They're awesome! I've tried to make Snicket twice before and it never worked out for me. I love that honeycomb texture.


they're beautiful! I love the pattern in that color!


They are the loveliest colour! It suits the pattern really well. I don't dig the short row thang either, but I am definitely going to try the express lanes mentioned above, and sharpish.


Gorgeous as always Nova!


Love the orange socks! Like you, I am not the biggest fan of the short row heel, and only completed one so that I could justify my complaints. Yay, heel flaps!


These socks are so great! The color and texture go so perfectly together too. :)

Amy Artisan

Love the socks! I remember us seeing one of the cool globes by the Field Museum that was using Chicken Wire as part of it & Lolly commenting about the similarity to your socks.


That orange is killing me, love 'em!!

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