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April 14, 2008


Katie K

Great socks and good news! the Snicket Socks designer has published a link to her pattern, albeit without the charts (but with row by row instructions):


What great socks. Good job on the short row heels. I avoid them like the plague, heh.


Love those... what a great pattern and color!


Those socks rock! You are my knitting idol!


I don't think my comment went through so I'll say it again. Those socks rock! You are my knitting idol!


These turned out so awesome. I love orange and I wish I had printed out the pattern before Magknits went kaput.


Nevermind, I actually saved the pattern to my computer - yay!


Oh, my! I think I need a pair too.


The best orange I've seen!! Pretty socks with some cute shoes. These orange socks make me think fall...aren't we supposed to think "spring"??!!":)


Wow. Of course they're you favorites! Beautiful.


oh yeah, these are the ones from Chicago! i saw in Amy's comment above. they looks so great, N!


They're gorgeous. So glad you finished them. One sock does not make for very good sock wearing.

Your Snickets came out very nice. Like you, I'm not a fan of the short row heel. I've tried a few different ones now and I've decided that I'm just too particular and don't like the way the short row heel looks.


I can see why they're your "new favorites". They're perfect! Well... except for the heel. ;-)


Beautiful socks--I love that color! I recently finished a pair of Snickets myself... with heel flap:)


Your socks are totally gorgeous. I have admired that pattern for awhile; yours are even more delicious than the originals.

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