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April 11, 2008



You continue to amaze me. I'd love to say, "Yes, I'll borrow that loom!" But, truth be told, it would probably be better if I came back East for a lesson. Maybe I should do that someday...


so cute. great color combo and what a neat technique. i hate scarf knitting - i think i have only knit 2 or 3 total. looks like weaving is the way to go for bigger stuff!


I agree with you about making test pieces....(smart, not lazy!). After the time it takes to warp the loom I'm determined to make something wearable and/or useful while experimenting and testing the fibers. This is a beautiful first piece - nice selvedges too. I can't wait to see what you create next.


Congratulations on your loom purchase! I'm looking forward to all of the future weaving projects you produce.

The scarf is adorable on Little Sir!


really cool nova! That scarf is a beauty (So is your Cutie Son!). I will enjoy watching you weave away :-)


The colors are fab! I'd love to try weaving one day, but really, I just have way too much stuff already.. maybe once I get a place of my very own.. MAYBE. I can't wait to see how far you fly with this new craft!


Hey, this a quite good idea. did you weave with pure knitting yarn? ok i should read the first post about it. but i think this would be a great idea for my nearly 6 year old son to play with. tomorrow i will buy a children weave ;) (and try it again, first, of course )
lg eva


So. Tempting. But with a baby due in 4 weeks and the house full to the gills with too much stuff already, I'll have to live with weaving vicariously through you for a while.


its beautiful! I love the colours and as usual little sir is an A1 model!
Must fight weaving temptation!


That is such a beautiful scarf! It looks like you're a natural weaver. I love those pictures of Little Sir. He certainly does look thrilled with his newest piece of handmade attire. :)


Nova, you just totally rock, whatever you do. What a fabulous scarf. And of course the pics of Little Sir are just too cute. I'm so impressed with your weaving - wow!

[*note to self*: you must not take up yet another new hobby.]


Hi Nova....neat project! I wonder if I'm the only one who recognizes how much CGA pride could be displayed in such an item?! Perfect compliment to any sports event :)


Yay for weaving!! I guess someday I'll have to try a loom like that b/c the primitive method is s.l.o.w.

Seriously you have two great guys in your life. So blessed. That Little Sir gets me every time and Special K building your loom. Swoon. I think they'll need some pie ;-)


That scarf is so cute! Your weaving looks awesome, but I just have to laugh everytime you post pics of Little Sir, he is Robby's brother from another mother!


That scarf is beautiful! Now, I have weaving envy.

BTW, Little Sir looks so cute with the scarf.


Oh, he's such a gorgeous little boy!!!

I've been thinking about weaving a lot lately. A LOT!


Such a cute scarf, and such a cute model! Weaving seems like a better way of making scarves...I love knitting like nobody's business, but something about knitting a scarf just sucks all the joy out by the end. (oh my goodness, I can't pick up another fiber habit just yet...no thinking about weaving, self!) I absolutely love your color combo!


You have chosen some pretty colors for that scarf. Looks like Little Sir likes it!


In the words of James Brown, you need to "give it up or turn it loose", which is clearly your approach to life--right on! Love that orange and blue together and please give Little Sir a pinch from me:)


love it! i want to weave very badly but have neither the time nor space nor money to jump in! someday . . .


Aww, that's touching that Special K is so excited about putting your loom together this weekend! I'm sorry you don't seem very enthusiastic about it. :)

That is an awesome scarf. I am very much in favor of blue and orange together.


Oh that is awesome. I love that woven look! Nice job! Also, I'm loving that your little one's fav color is pink. So awesome! But totally understand about the Hamptons look not being so desirable.


Very cool Nova! I'm so impressed by you. Little Sir is sure lucky.

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