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April 24, 2008



I'm the first to post?? Yeah! Wow, those buttons look great! Very pretty...but that pie steals the "show"!


Oh!! It is fantastico! I'll let you decide to which scene to affix the "fantastico" label; it would be equally suited on any of the beautiful crafty goodness... carrots and all ;~) !
Okay, how 'bout a bizarre suggestion? a modified forest path shawl as a shrug and then use the green buttons that kind of look like cross sections of a log? It would be very naturelle... not certain... perhaps too fussy... but I think it might look wonderful over a black shirt....


oh, and p.s. what beautiful places in new hampshire inspired such creativity?!?!?!?!? it looks beautiful...


the buttons are beautiful!
And the cake looks so good.


Your buttons and shawl pins are amazing. I haven't played with Fimo or Sculpey in years. It's a great idea for buttons. Why didn't I think of that?! I have been searching for green buttons for a baby cardi and those greens ones you made would look great. Thanks for inspiring me, but I probably will be too lazy to make them myself at this point.

Oh yummy, yummy! The tart looks delicious.


the buttons are great. i used to love shrinky dinks as a kid - another great thing that can be made in the toaster! it will be neat to see what you end up putting the buttons on....


LOVE those buttons, even with the carrots!

Congrats on getting those ends woven in. I did just a few ends on my striped sweater last night. I've still got a long, long way to go. (And a hood to finish, which will only add to the ends count.)

Amy S.

YAY! I have your #5 needle and will be sending it back soon...I found mine! Apparently I thought it went with a different project and left it at home! I could have sworn I packed it! Anyway, THANKS! I still like the carrots! The Pie looks DELISH! : )


I like the Tomten a lot can't wait to see Little Sir modelling it! Mmmmm Pie is always good and blog pie has no calories:)


I love these buttons! They were made with polymer clay? Can you share how you did it?


Crafty weekends with friends are great. And I really like those buttons...especially the shawl pins. It's a great distraction for my tired brain to think about how you got those colors to swirl like that. Not that I'll figure it out mind you, just happy to have thoughts not related to statistics.

Congrats on the end of the weaving!


YUM!!!! You're just piling on the crafts! Hey, let's chat about your visit soon! I have a more concrete idea of what's happening on the 10th now.


Yes, I agree with the more doing and less looking/talking precept! The pie is another major winner...


Those shawl pins are fantastic! I love them.


Good grief those buttons are ridiculously cute. Is there anything you can't do? And the shawl pins!!! WOW.

I totally hear you on the blogging versus crafting and the crafting versus obsessively viewing other peoples'crafts online. I made a list today of all the blog posts I have been lining up in my head, and there were 12. At the rate I've been posting lately, I suppose it'll be August before I get them all written - and who knows how many more will be waiting to be written by then....


love those buttons and shawl pins! i don't think they look like carrots at all.


Oh my goodness, those buttons (and the shawl pin, too) are amazing! And made in the toaster oven? Too cool!

Congrats on finishing weaving in all those ends!


Oh what gorgeous buttons and shawl pins.

How in the world do you make those, If you don't mind sharing your secret, this looks like too much fun!


Wow!! Those buttons are so cool. I wish I was there to learn. The shawl pins are just fab.


What a great time and you really got me making much better buttons. Now I can see me making more. Just hope I don't burn the next batch.
I am already looking at yarn for the tomten- the list just gets longer


What a great time and you really got me making much better buttons. Now I can see me making more. Just hope I don't burn the next batch.
I am already looking at yarn for the tomten- the list just gets longer


Your buttons are beautiful! I obsess over your amazing craftiness!


Oh, wow!! I wish I could make my own buttons! :)


Your buttons are magnificent! And hooray for the finish of the weaving in of the ends! Your pie looks delicious as usual. I swear one day I'm going to kidnap you for baking lessons. :)


Yay! You wove the ends! Good girl. Now that carmelized onion thing you've got going? That's something.

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