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April 17, 2008



I love the Mad Color Weave - it definitely kept my interest! Limes - love 'em!


That is delicious sock yarn! Try knitting both socks at the same time. You'd have to have double sets of needles and it's slower going, but if you knit one part on the first sock, then catch up the other sock and so on, you'll never get sss!


I love that laceweight alpaca on the spool. Do you know where your friend bought it? Right now on my sock needles is a pattern: Country Girl Socks purchased from HeartStringsFiberArts.com


i love the pictures of the limes. I may have to try this one. i do love lemon pies, but I have never had a lime one.


MOJITO MONDAY! I'M ALL OVER IT! Maybe we should celebrate our birthday at a place where we can get fabulous mojitos (and food of course)!


Nice haul! And the pie...oh the pie...


I love the yarn and the pie/tart! All look just yummy.


Oh the green! I love the green. I'm all OVER those greens! Yeah. Anyway. Love that sock pattern for that yarn. :)


Mmmmmmmmm. . . key lime pie!!!!


I just love 'Everyday Food', it is such an awesome little mag!!!


The key lime tart looks perfect! I love flipping through my issue of Food Everday also.

I made myself a Mojito last month and I was a bit heavy handed with the rum. Yummy!


From lemons to pies to yarn - all very delicious! Key lime is my favorite!

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