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May 29, 2008



Beautiful scarf! I love how the colors got mixed when it was woven.

Just out of curiosity, did you ever sell your starter loom? I might be interested.


Beautiful, as always. So jealous of the loom. However, scarves in Texas...not so much. Pie looks great, but I have never been much of a rhubarb fan....memories of the bowl of rhubarb that was served as part of the Knott's Berry Farm chicken dinner when I was a kid. Now, I think it is an option...no, thank you. ;0)


Oh, wow! I love to knit scarves, but this may open up a whole new world of possibilites.


I don't know what I expected you to do with the yarn, but I knew that whatever you did it would be great. This however exceeds any expectations. Now I'm tempted to get a loom!!!


That is a seriously beautiful scarf. I love the way the Noro colors worked themselves out! I am getting oh so tempted with all this weaving going on now, but haven't got the money or the space for a loom, so I guess I'll be holding out for now.


Beautiful work, Nova.

Sarah R

I'm just going to sound like an echo here, but that is a beautiful scarf. I love the way it looks all goldy-browny in the top photo, a little more turquoisey-greeny in the second and then very turquoisey-greeny in the last photos. Weaving it was a great decision!


Oh that scarf came out beautifully! I just love it!


Your weaving skillz are totally rad!!


Hmmmm weaving? Must add to my list of things to learn! I love you solution to the overly scratchy yarn. I like sweet things I will try the pie.


So that's what you do with Noro Sock yarn!? I've got one beautiful skein that really wants to be something.


Hi, I've never commented before, but I am totally intrigued by your weaving! Would you mind telling me which loom you purchased and why? and how easy/difficult it was to learn...etc...
I am a yarn hoarder and knitter, but SUPER interested in weaving these days. Any info or tips would be greatly appreciated.


Once again, you blow my mind!


I seriously--seriously--can not love that scarf more.


Definitely the perfect use of that sock yarn! It's stunning!


I love the shading of the scarf. Nice work. Did you take classes or just read the instruction book?


wow! the scarf is fantastic! really unbelievable!

thanks for the pie. you know i have my coffee! :)


What an absolutely GREAT idea for a non-traditional project with Noro sock yarn. That scarf is absolutely fabulous, and this may be what finally catapults me over the edge into purchasing a loom.


Fantabulous as always! I knew it was going to be beautiful when I saw you weaving it, but the surpassed my expectations! When do we get a pic of the new loom?!? {{:~)

Amy S

WOW! Strawberry Rhubarb pie is my favorite! It looks delicious! But, moreover, that woven scarf is GORGEOUS! : ) NICE JOB!


I love the scarf and you only used 1 skein of Noro sock yarn??


I see a face in your pretty pie :)


The scarf is absolutely gorgeous! I want one!


A well-deserved big head! You are most definitely a genius. ; ) That's the best Noro sock yarn project ever!


What a fabulous idea... gorgeous scarf!

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