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May 21, 2008



What a great first pattern! I think it looks beautiful. I hope it is a huge hit chez Specs.


Oh wow I just LOVE that color!! It's beautiful!


Beautiful pattern N, thank you! [Off to queue it on Ravelry.]


Thanks, Nova! Well done on the first pattern.


Your cowl is super - and how generous of you to share! Love the color you chose.

Hope you had a fabulous birthday week!


since my birthday is today, i think i need to carry on this tradition and knit one tonight!!! it's beautiful! happy belated birthday!!!

i think i'd leave the filling of that pie for hubby and eat the crust - a perfect pie for us!


Great pattern! Thanks for sharing it! And I don't think I said it, but I was surely thinking it...Happy Birthday!!


Beautiful Nova! Thanks for the pattern.

Liz K.

Sooo pretty! I bought a buncha cowl yarn at MDSW and just have to clear the current project before I start cowling like all the cool kids.


Very excited to see a new and beautiful cowl pattern! I love the simple nature of this one.
So... did you get a loom for your birthday! do tell!


Beautiful cowl! Thanks for the pattern. And Happy Belated Birthday! :-D


It *is* for me! I hoped so when I saw it on your flickr page. It looks just beautiful!

And Happy Birthday! Hope your back is feeling better.

(I'm going to go sit beside the door until the mail gets here.)


I love the cowl and thanks for sharing the pattern. Great job!


You're awesome, as always!! I knew you'd be writing patterns soon and this is an awesome first edition.


Already in my ravelry queue!


i love the way this came out. after seeing all of these cowls i am getting the fever,and I may have to try your pattern!


i've been wanting that cookbook. whether it tasted great, or not, it LOOKS yummy! hooray for rice pie.

Kathy Sue

Congrats on the beautiful pattern! You have courage to put it out there for everyone to see.


Thank you for sharing the pattern! It looks great and I can't wait to knit one up.


I find it funny that we're all running cowl fever just as the weather's turning *warmer*! Yours is a lovely pattern, and while I am trying to practice some project monogamy for now, I'll definitely bookmark it for later.

Also, is that a handknit cardigan, too?


Thanks for sharing the birthday cowl! It's very pretty!


Happy belated birthday. Great cowl.

Deborah Bourque

Belated Happy Birthday to you! My B-day is the 31st so I will knit this up for me as my B-day gift. Thank you!


Beautiful cowl! That pie does look good.


Happy belated birthday! The cowl is very pretty and I love the blue Malabrigo you used.

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