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May 01, 2008



What a good mommy you are, adding pockets. The little man has the makings of a lawyer;)


good ole corduroy :)
It looks smashing with pockets..... I mean homes for trains :)


Little Sir knows best. I'm glad you were able to accomodate him (and his trains).


That picture of his little hand is just killing me! And Corduroy has always been a favorite in my family:)


That's my little (non-revolting version of) Chuck Bass. Rockstars have their place, but prepsters are where it's at.


Love that little Tomten -- L.S. rocks it like nobody's business. Great little tutorial, too. And pie, oh my always the wonderful pie.


Of course trains need homes. I'm glad we have two year olds to set us straight in this world! It looks great and LS will be a rockstar yet!


I've been staring longingly at that cookbook for quite awhile now! I'm impressed with the after-thought pockets and I, for one, appreciated the tutorial..though I doubt I'll be intentionally cutting and unraveling any time soon!


You are seriously a knitting rockstar mom. Who else would cut her knitting for the sake of poor little homeless trains?
I bet all Little Sir's friends think you're the coolest.
Love the Tomten, love the pockets, love the kid. Great work, lady!


That is just the sweetest request ever. Trains need homes too! Gotta remember to pick up that Corduroy book, we just have the first.

Great sweater on a v. v. cute kid!


The pocket looks great! I also love that Dorie Greenspan book. I have made 2 things so far and they tasted great.


OMG! You linked to a post where I linked to you! Let's keep going roundnroundnround!

I'm sad you won't be at MDSW. Kid can swelter. There is fun to be had!


Wow, I haven't read Corduroy for the longest time. One of my favorite books! Little Sir looks cute in his tomten...I'm sure he enjoyed that deelicious torte!


What a good mama you are! This is awesome.


1. A Pocket for Corduroy was my favorite book as a child, and I buy it for expectant moms (if I don't knit something).

2. My favorite episode of 30 Rock is the one in which Tina Fey provocatively says "It's got POCKETS," and this has led me to say it, much to the chagrin of my friends, any time pockets are mentioned. So: "It's got POCKETS!"

3. Little Sir is awesome, and his Tomten really is better for the home for his trains.


That boy definitely knows what he wants! Plus, I think pockets are a must for EVERYTHING, almost.


Pockets! Brilliant! Guys always need pockets... for trains, rocks, sticky things, and frogs.


Little Sir looks wonderful in his Tomten with pockets. Trains and other little boy things always need pockets.

I just bought that Dorie cookbook at TJMaxx for $7.99! I was very impressed with myself for finding such a great bargain. I haven't baked anything from it yet but I love reading it.


A Pocket for Corduroy was one of my favorite books when I was little - good to see it again.

Dorie Greenspan's book is great - the holiday bundt cake recipe is delicious!


Um, this is awkward, but I just realized I've never commented on your blog before. Ever. I'm one of those weird people who reads for months without commenting.

So to end that, let me just say that this jacket is great and your little guy really is a rock star.


Not for nothing, Little Sir knows his fashion. The pockets look great. And he looks smashing.


Dorie is the bomb. She rocks.

Too bad you weren't at MD this year! We missed you! (though you had Totmen and Tarts to contend with)


I'm so glad that Little Sir's trains have a home!

He is so cute!!

Maybe I'll make the tart for mother's day??


Everything's better with pockets :) What a cutie cake!


so sweet. gotta have those pockets for trains.

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