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May 01, 2008



ohhhh great tutorial, thanks!

Liz K.

Brilliant, and yes, helpful tutorial. And really, I like it better with pockets. Jackets need pockets. Don't rock stars need somewhere to keep their guitar picks?


I just started knitting (within the last month) and I found this tutorial very helpful and clear. I will not be afraid when I have to do this someday. Thanks!


Wow, impressive!! I've never taken scissors to my knitting so it sounds very, very scary.

I love the little pocket.


This is the best tutorial! Made even better with Little Sir's direction. :)


What a great tutorial! But the snipping looks scary. Very scary. ;-)


I love the jacket, your boy is a darling, and the tutorial gave me the extra strength I needed to finish the afterthought thumbs on the mitered mittens for my mom today!


Happy Birthday Nova! I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day and are enjoying your birthday!


That is an AWESOME sweater. Lucky Little Sir! I also love that he demanded pockets. That is hilarious! Your tutorial looks great. Although I am much too wussy to try something as ambitious as snipping at this point, someday I may need it!


I thoroughly enjoyed this tutorial, and will definitely come back to it should I ever need to insert an afterthought pocket. Thank you!


I love this - reminds me of the red sweater (with pockets) that my mom knit for me to go with my high school uniform. Sweet memories


great tutorial. thanks!

(love the little hand model, too.)


I know this post is really old, but the sweet little fingers pointing to the pin? Really made my morning!

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ohhhh great tutorial, thanks!


This was so helpful. I read the instructions in the EZ Tomten pattern and just couldn't figure out what they meant by the last step - you make it seem so obvious! Thanks!

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