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September 12, 2008



Oh, wonderful! Congrats on another boy. Two boys are so much fun!

(Also, if you ever *do* get the urge to make some pink and/or frilly, there's nothing saying you can't make something like that for your boys. Exhibit A: http://earthchicknits.wordpress.com/2008/09/05/sewn-little-gifts/).

I have to say that, though I am terrified myself at the prospect of two teenage boys, I am also a little grateful that I won't be dealing with two teenage girls!


Oh, shoot. I screwed up the linkage with the closed quote. It was supposed to be this:


Congrats Nova! I bet Little Sir and Little Mister will be best pals :)

Oh and teenage boys are easy! Just be prepared to watch them eat twice their body weight in daily food, and you'll be good. Oh, and maybe keep lots of Febreze around for those years too ;)


congrats! another boy! huzzah!


congrats on a little mister :)
Little Sir is going to have sooo much fun with him.
There are lots of new little boy knits you can go crazy with!


I've got 3 of them (boys,that is)- and it continues to be fun right into those teenage years :-)
The booties are precious!


Yay! Boy!


Oh yeah, Little Mister is catching on!

I was CONVINCED B was a boy because girls - teenage and older - terrify me. I worry about having a daughter who HATES me. Boys don't hate their mamas. Even now, I try not to think about the teenage years. Still, girls are fun. Pink sucks though. And purses too. B insists on carrying a purse, to my horror. Trucks are way better.


Heh, Little Disco! Congrats again!


Congratulations! Those booties are darling. :)


Congrats!!! I was so sure I was going to have a boy, but it turned out to be a girl. I wanted a girl, but it wouldn't have mattered to me if it was a boy. I was a bit afraid because I don't know anything about little boys. I took care of my little sister when were growing up so at least I had experience.

Little Sir is so freaking cute! I am sure Little Disco will be just as gorgeous.

Yeah, I don't like pink either. Maybe that's why everyone mistakens Melody as a boy.


Hooray for another boy! If I only had two, I would be happier that they were the same sex. Luckily for me, I have 2 of each! Congratulations!


Little Mister! Too perfect. Congrats!


Congrats :)


How weird, I just assumed it was a boy!! The most important thing to me is this: Little Sir has a sibling, someone with whom he can process all the ways in which the parents damaged him and his little bro!

Jen (Friender)

Those are sweet little booties. Congrats on your boy. I was gunning for two boys, myself, but ended up with a boy and a girl. Life works in funny ways!


I have 2 boys too and one girl in the mix. I am amazed at how little I understand my girl sometimes. You would think I would get her better since I am a girl too:) Boys are fun and not so emotional as the girls if you ask me. Of course mine aren't teens yet...


PS an Arte y Pico award was given to you from me, see my blog for details.


Oh congrats :)
You will wonder how different they will be even though they are baked from the same baking dish!
We have one boy (first) and two girrrlz and believe me: the girrrlz are REALLY exhausting because of always beeing bitchy, arg. On the other hand- i love understanding them because we feel the same... (am I bitchy, too??? harhar)
But to be a mother of a boy is always special i think. ok, every child is special and it doesn't matter if you got 2 or 10..
ok, after nr 2 you bake another baby. it is hard work, but my heart sometimes flow over when they sit together and play...(SOMETIMES ;D )
best wishes to you all and savor your soon pole position ;)


*sigh* I had a feeling too... good thing I wasn't thinking a pinnafore would make a nice gift... :) Congrats!


two boys! that is so cool. i love it. the booties are super cute. I hear boys are so much easier than girls! we will have to see!


Those booties are adorable. Congratulations!


Two boys are TOTALLY fun. :)


total happiness for you over here!
after i had my first boy, i wanted another boy.....so he would have a brother. they need each other.


Congrats on the mini sir! Your house will be filled with fun!!

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