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September 01, 2008



It looks awesome! I'm seriously impressed by your weaving skills.


Wow, it has handspun in it, too? It's a beautiful scarf.

I'll work on a list to send you :)


Beautiful, beautiful. Congrats to the winners. And happy blogiversary!


Very nice scarf, I play with weaving but have not as yet made anything that beautiful! Keep up the great work!


Beautiful scarf, Nova! I will have to take a weaving class someday. I never have wanted to learn how to spin, but WEAVE...oh yes, I'd love to learn how to weave. You are mighty good inspiration.


Nice! Pretty neat you can crank out scarves on the loom - much faster than knitting!


I can't even wrap my head around weaving and looming. Your scarf is amazing!


That scarf is awesome. I love the colors. Purple must really be the new black. :)

Congratulations to the winners!


What a great scarf. You lost me on the whole warp/waft thing, but I know it's perty! :~)

Congrats to the winners!


When are we going to learn that JulieFrick is basically always right?? Love the scarf:)


It's just gorgeous Nova!


WOW - you have branched out in your fiber crafts while I've been away - beautiful scarf.
I'm very jealous of your new craft space - what I would give for that!
AND mostly I want to say congratulations on Baby Disco!


Very pretty :)


I am new to your blog! Your scarf is beautiful! I think it looks fabulous on you and like the color.

kathy b

Congratulations on the upcoming BOY! Scarf is lovely. Your blog is beautiful. I haven't been around for awhile!

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