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October 15, 2008



So Pretty! I made a golden pair too and my daughter has worn them for 2 years - still looking fine~
and you're right - you didn't come through on bloglines - I found the mitts on Ravelry.
Enjoy your pie tonight!


I got you on Bloglines just fine! Yea!!! Hey, those mittens are awesome. Love the color. All the photos are great!


WOW OH WOW, those mitts are amazing. I love the palm side.


Those are really cool mittens! Glad you all had some fun together!

Your feed didn't pick up for me on Bloglines. :( Have you tried Feedburner? It's free and it seems to help a lot with bloglines.


Last year cowls. This year mittens. Next year.. hats? Just my guess, but it's probably too obvious. =) Lovely mittens lady! Jealous of your hangout time and also that pie! I'm thinking an anniversary pie for my parents next week just might be the thing! Google reader loves you! =)


what a fun time! too bad I didn't know about the meet up - i'm only an hour from Boston!

first apple - destinted not to be the last!


love, love those mittens! sounds like you had a grat time.


Your mittens were such a great orangey color, and perfectly made. That pie was sooooo good. Thanks for making it!


Those mittens look great!

Stephanie B

Did he have to climb a tree to get it? That makes it so much more fun!!


It was great to finally meet you! How cute is he with his first picked apple? Such a cutie!


LOVE the mittens! Love. Them. Oh, she's one lucky lady! My friend from Maine says the bigger the better with mittens because then you can layer with gloves if you want. Like a ritzy, knit over coat for the functional slum underneath, Maine style I guess ;-)

Hooray for apple picking! One of my favorite things to do. I am missing this entire season sitting on my couch. Blech. Little Sir definitely looks like a proud picker.


Mittens and pie what a joy. I long to be a your level. I'm attempting fingerless. Maybe I should just try mittens. It will get cold. Lil Sir looks so cute!


I have officially scorned Bloglines so hopefully Google Reader will be better about picking up your posts!

Nice mitts, lovely color and I can see why Meghan gave them two thumbs up!


How could she not LOVE those mittens!?!??! They're adorable!


Bloglines picked it back up just for me to see my favorite mittens. Not that I've made them, but I will. Lovely job.


Sounds like you all had a great time up in Boston! I love the mittens, too. They're cheddar cheese colored to match the pie! (this is a good thing:) )


I am so hungry now! I love those mittens, especially the color. Very nice pick.


Love the mittens!

Also, love the pic of Little Sir with his first picked-apple. Wish I could go apple picking with you!


I love those mittens ! Very nice. I just completed a 100.5 inch project of cables and bobbles. You are right, there is such a thing as too many bobbles.

The pie looks delish and the Joy of Cooking is the best cookbook ever (I think).


Mittens and pie look fantastic, and Little Sir is adorable with his apple. Good to meet you in Boston :)

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