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October 01, 2008


Pork with Bones

Ooh, that peach pie looks delicious!


So many yummies in this post! The mittens looked great, I look forward to seeing them in their new incarnation. The shawl? Mmm. Can't wait to see the FO post. And the pie? Delicious.

So much to anticipate!


Yo woman that pie is phenom!! I am a mitten enthusiast, too but also get stalled more often than not!


Love the aran mitts - I've always wanted a white pair, but it just doesn't seem like a practical color for mittens. Pie is back! Yay!


Mmmmm, pie!! And I'm know to bound a thing or two in my time.. almost finished too!


Hey, those mittens are in your banner! Love the peach theme :)

Liz K

A good frogging is so...cleansing, isn't it?

An Abundance of Lisa

Yay for Pushing Daisies and yay for your return of Pie-Hole Wednesdays! Last night's episode was great and your peach pie looks divine.


ahhh - the joy of frogging and restarting - (I just did it with socks this morning) I think the Aran mitts will be beautiful (and more practical) in that lovely tweedy yarn. (My daughter has worn hers for 2 winters now and they are still holding up wonderfully!)
Can't wait for the shawl pics...


Oh PIE!!!


those gloves! they look beautiful! I love peach pie too! your crust looks beautiful.


Love that shawl. It look so soft. And the pie does look just peachy. Yum.


I can't wait to see the shawl!

I've always liked the look of those Aran Mittens in cream, but I agree that it's not the most exciting (or, um, practical) color. I'm curious how they'll look in the tweed!


shawls. mittens.
knitting and PIE! so so good.

yep. go with the tweed!

The Knitting Archaeologist

The season premiere was so fabulous! Quite possibly the best I've seen this season! So witty and cute. I'm glad you're back with Pie-Hole Wednesdays. I think I night try making a pie one of these days...I love peach pie!


Beautiful knits! Hooray for a return to Pushing Daisies and Pie Wednesdays!!


Return of the pies! Hurrah! Hurrah!

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