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October 06, 2008



Evil evil nupps! This is so pretty! I'm totally sure your boss will LOVE it especially since she knows how to knit!


yep, it's great to be short/small when a knitter! I remind myself of that whenever I can't reach something in the kitchen cabinet. or have to get all my pants shortened.


Ah! It's wonderful to see pictures of M. Say hi for me! BEAUTIFUL work, Nova. You never cease to amaze me.

Stephanie B

That is so pretty! I don't think I will ever get the urge to knit with the spiderweb like yarn. I like a shawl to have a little weight to it. I am sure she will love it.


And think of the tiny sweaters these tiny women can knit for themselves, out of 600-700 yards of yarn. Lucky. But I digress - the shawl is exactly the size and kind I'd wear... and I imagine your boss L will be absolutely thrilled.


I love how the lace pattern flows and the nupps give it texture. A really gorgeous piece of knitting!


It sounds like you knit that shawl to the recipient's tastes, not your own. This is really hard to do (I think), but it's really worth it when they receive the gift! Great job :)


I think L will really be happy with the shawl. You knit it with her completely in mind and put your own preferences aside, a true gift of love. Congratulations on a job well done!


Nupps! That shawl grabbed me (not literally) when I saw the Piecework issue. You are awesome to knit for your boss. I hope she likes it!!


It's a beautiful shawl! I am about to do my first nupps as I continue work on my Swallowtail shawl (yes, along with the 5,000 other people on Ravelry!)...looking forward to the adventure!


The shawl looks so very pretty! I'm sure your boss will love it.

I am one of those tiny women, and I do appreciate very much the fact that I don't have to buy a ton of yarn to make a sweater. Now, if I could just find "grown up" clothes that actually fit me, instead of having to shop in the teen stores, I would be a totally happy camper!


I think it turned out very nice, your supervisor will love it and what a great looking model you found :)


-"Nupps aren't so bad to knit, once you get into the rythym of doing them."

There is no rhythm to nupps, crazy woman! Beautiful knitting; I'd say if your boss doesn't like it, send it to me. But, being rather zaftig myself (with no pregnancy excuse), it would end up looking like a nice hankerchief... sigh...


Beautiful shawl, Nova - I like smaller shawls! and now I know I want the book!

Christy / Not Hip

It looks great; I am loving the nupps. (They drive me crazy if I try them on regular Addis, but on some pointy/lace tips, they are quite fun.)


It's gorgeous! She'll love it!


That is a really awesome shawl.
Congrats on such beautiful work!


That is a beautiful shawl for your boss! What a wonderful gift that's going to be.


a very wonderful and elegant gift for your boss.


What a beautiful piece! Your boss will love it (and the thought and care that went into it), I'm certain!


I love nupps. LOVE. I wish there were 100 of them in every pattern and I would sit and love my nuppy lace and stroke it and call it my precious. Fortunately for you, I am not a knitwear designer. I am, however, quite enamored with Addi Lace needles and swear upon them for nupps.

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