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December 23, 2008


Liz K

"The Boys!" How lovely. Glad to know that things went well, and I hope that your hand numbness improves soon. Merry Christmas to the hour of you!

Liz K

...um, to the FOUR of you.


I cannot think of a better
Christmas present. Such handsome men in your life! Congratulations!!!!


What a great Christmas story:) Love the picture of the boys.


Awwwwww - he has the most beautiful eyes! What a great shot of the boys! Congrats!!!!!


That's got to be the best Christmas present for anyone. He's quite adorable as is his big brother. So, now you have another 'Little Sir'! Congrats to your family!


Have a wonderful christmas with your beautiful family!


Ahh! Too much cuteness, it overloaded my grinchy heart!! Major congrats to you and your family, have a wonderful Christmas and New Year!


Your boys are adorable.


oh my gosh! many many congratulations on your latest FO!

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas as a foursome!


Cute photos of the boys. I love the sweater - you can pick up stitches around the cuffs and make the sleeves longer, if you like.


Little Mister IS the best Christmas gift ever! Happy Christmas to you all!!


A huge congratulations to all four of you. May the New Year bring even more happiness and joy. See you around the archives block.


Well, hello, Little Mister! You ARE a great Christmas present :)


Congratulations - what a lucky woman you are! I can't believe how open-eyed and unpuffy your boy is, oh that wrinkled skin, what a cutie!

I hear you on the BSJ sleeves - but you can pick up the edge and knit downward to lengthen them.

Happy holidays to you and yours. :)


Congrats! He is beautiful!


Congratulations! And look how happy Little Sir looks to be a big brother!


Congratulations! Little Mister is adorable -- I especially love the first photo. And the one of the two of them is really cute too. Merry Christmas!


Congratulations! Little Mister looks like Little Sir's twin! I'm with you on the short sleeves. Short sleeves - what are they good for?


So. Much. Cuteness!!!

Merry Christmas to you, too! And so sorry about your hand numbness. :( Hope that somehow heals up soon.

(p.s. After BSJ #3, I have decided to retire this pattern for awhile. I actually think it's adorable but have decided that to most of the world - esp. non-knitters - it really isn't. So I'm going to quit gifting it!!)


Hello Little Mister!

"The boys" does sound quite nice. Happy holidays to all four of you!


That last picture? cutest. photo. ever.


Hello, Little Mister! He is a cutie! Merry Christmas to you.


Nova, Kate and I are snowbound on Christmas Eve in the WInter Wonderland of Northern California, and what a nice early present to see the photos of SP1 and SP2 -- and of course Momma and Poppa Seal. Wishing you and the boys a fantastic and wonderful Christmas. Is there pie?


I also wonder why the sleeves are short, but my guess is that if they were longer they would just get spit up and ick on them. But that's not the point. The point is...

Congratulations! What beautiful boys you have. Merry Christmas.

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