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January 16, 2009



Lovely colors, they make the BSJ extra beautiful, and your baby even more beautiful:)


Oh, my. He is so cute!!! And he looks so dashing in that jacket.

Vicki Suan

I can't help but gush. Your baby is simply adorable. Forget the sweater (cute as it is and I love the colors), but your little one already knows how to pose. He is gorgeous! And look at all that hair.


Love the jacket and socks. But I have to say that has got to be the cutest baby I've ever seen--seriously adorable...and those eyes. Geesh. Such a great shot of him!


Love the color of Little Mister's BSJ!! And he is just too cute!


How cute is your baby in that little sweater?!? So cute!


Great color for the BSJ!! He has quite the head of hair, huh??


Oh dear that is one sweet baby you got there! The Nutkins are also making me want to finish mine:)


I love Little Mister in his BSJ! What a great color.

Those socks look great, too. I love the eye of partridge heel.


The baby looks so cute! He's clearly loving his sweater.


Those are lovely knits but your cute baby boy is definitely the best FO of the year!


i want to gush all over your baby. he's too sweet! i love your nutkins.. you have some beautiful knits going on!


i love the browns. perfect colors. everything looks great.


Look at that sweetheart. So beautiful! Oh the sweater and socks rate high too:)


The photo career has begun! :)


I love your heel modification. I am hating the short row directions!

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