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January 09, 2009



Happy new year Nova, and congratulations!

My 2009 goal? To write at least 2 and if possible 3 pages of my dissertation every single day (not counting Sundays).

Hey, I may actually get done that way!


I love the way you have the zippers and cotton prints match on the boxbags. I feel like somehow the zippers make the patterns even brighter.

One goal I have for myself this year is to not beat myself up if I don't accomplish craft goals. In 2008, I told myself I *had* to accomplish certain things, and, in the end, I felt a lot of guilt for not, say, knitting all the pairs of socks I wanted to. Of course, what I was able to accomplish was even more impressive, in some ways. Not only did I sew my first skirt, I also sewed my second...and third...and fourth...and I wear them pretty regularly. I sewed my first apron, which wasn't much to write home about, but I also sewed a corset-style-tshirt that fits me better than anything I've purchased "off the rack." Yes, I started my first sweater, but I'm more proud of myself for realizing that what I started just wasn't right, and deciding to frog it.

(Wow, I'm writing a novel here, sorry.)

But, yes. My goal this year is to craft without expectations, and enjoy every minute of it, as much as I can!


wow! i love the cotton prints with the linen! they look great! count me in.
My goal for the new year? Well, I never make them, but my five year old told me the other day that I knit too much. I am going to have to say to knit a bit less.
Just a bit.
Happy New Year.


I love the linen/cotton print combo!

My goal is to shed a whole bunch'a pounds. The plan is to do this the by eating right and getting enough exercise, not starving myself or going on a crazy fad diet. Too often the knitting gets priority over the treadmill.


In a word: Vegetables. And if this means a smoothie a morning with a carrot in it then so be it. Actually carrots in smoothies are really tasty if a bit, um, chunky. This may be the only vegetable I put in a smoothie but we shall see...


body: I want to get back to my wedding weight.

mind: I'm gonna finish my masters degree this year! and not go crazy! so I have a whole bunch of mini goals related to publications, scholarships, thesis-writing, etc.

soul: I'm going to make time for knitting. One of my classes interferes with knit-night, so I have to just find a way to schedule it in. Also, when I finish school, I'm getting a sewing machine!


In addition to the usual goals (eat healthier, exercise more, lose weight), my goal for this year is to spend less time on the internet and more time making stuff. I work all day, go to the gym, come home, make dinner, wrangle a toddler for a while, clean up...by the time all that's done, I end up on the couch vegging out in front of blogs/flickr/Ravelry instead of knitting or sewing. I really need to make the effort to unplug from the net and do something productive. I can be on the internet whenever I want at work, why do I need to do it all night at home too?

So yes, FO productivity is the big goal for 2009!


very cute bags!

my goals for this year are to eat less sugar, and learn to weave. i already know which one i will probably not do so well at...


First of all...I love your bags!

One of my 2009 goals is to finish my WIP's - or frog - before starting any new ones...this may be my hardest new year's goal yet.


My goal - to try to enjoy life a bit more in 2009 (aka not worry so much) and spend more time with hubby!!!


I adore those box bags! If I weren't so terrified of sewing zippers, I would try to make one. Instead, one of my goals for the year is to win this contest ;)
Another one is to knit my husband a sweater.


I've had that box bag tutorial bookmarked for a while now... add it to the list of things to sew!

Yours look great. (No goals to share, and not officially entering the contest, just wanted to say your presents came out beautiful!)


I am resolved to remodel or rid myself of unused items. Clothes, etc.
Why do I have so much stuff?


I love your blog and LOVE your new box bags. Similar to you, I can't stand the idea of "resolutions", since that word seems to doom them to fail, so every year I create a list of "aspirations" for the coming year. A partial list of my 2009 plans can be found on my blog here: http://feedingthebigguy.blogspot.com/2008/12/2009-aspirations.html

One of my favorite 2009 aspirations (and a perfect one to mention for your giveaway) is "learn to knit socks".

Happy New Year, Nova.

Thanks for blogging,


Like most of the others above I also want to lose weight in 2009. But hopefully it will be through healthy eating and exercise.

As for a knitting goal - I hope to tackle a steeked sweater this year!


This year i'm going to learn new things. Things I've always dreamed about doing but never actually trying. Weaving will be the start of many to come :)

Love your bags, but then everything you make is lovely so it comes as no surprise.


Very pretty little bags. You do such nice work. I think you know my goal if you've been by my blog. 12 sweater in one year! What am I thinking!? ;-)


My goal is to use up or destash all my yarn scraps from finished projects.


"and then I could cross them off!" Exactly! Lists exist for this reason alone!

My goals? Make more decisions, and then make them happen, instead of peacefully floating through life!


I have fond memories of my grampy always having a fresh hanky in his pocket when tears needed to be dried or a nose blown, so I think it's great Special K likes hankies!

Last year I learned about pattern making and would like to use that skill this year to make some woven shirts/tops. I have two favorite pairs of jeans that I pretty much wear all the time and a plethora of cool tops would hopefully detract from that fact!


Happy New Year! I love sewing, too :) I have a few crafting resolutions on my blog, and two others: spend 10 minutes dedicated to cleaning every day, and to drink more water.


I also don't believe in making NY Resolutions. I like to make goals.
I would like to write at least ONE knitting pattern in 2009.

And for the home life goal, trying to keep the house neater. That way I won't ahve to run around the house like mad woman before guests come.


Happy New Year =)

My goal is to lose that last 10 lbs. I lost 20 lbs in 2007 and gained 10 back in 2008. Gotta kill that last 10 for good!

I also want to practice more sewing this year. I dipped my toes back in to it a bit in the past few months, and want to do more!


I've fallen out of love with my sewing machine, but seeing all of your gifts is inspiring and reason to dust off the ol' machine! And I got Bend the Rules for Christmas! This is a sign!


Lovely lovely bags! And a contest - what fun!!
One of my 2009 goals: to sew more (I can't put down my knitting long enough!). I made two dresses, one top and an apron in 2008 - that's kind of lame. You're an inspiration - I've had a box bag down to try forever, so that might topp the sewing list!

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