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March 20, 2009



Simply lovely. The milk-coffee colors of this sweater are wonderful and it looks super cute on you!


It's beautiful! And you should be proud of it. Funny thing is that I did not notice it didn't align in the front until you said something. I was in awe of the sweater and kept thinking how awesome it was. Now, the front is glaring at me. LOL! Who cares! It is still fabulous.

industrious sarah

It's lovely, great job! The yoke looks simply amazing


Gorgeous colours - you look beautiful.

Liz K

I think it looks great -- and it sure beats all that Lopi sitting in someone's attic. It sounds like it finished up beter than expected, and that's always good!


Nice work!!

Deborah Kindel

Nova, you are such an honest knitter. It's fun and encouraging to read your sweater journey. Love the peek-a-boo photo.


Wow! It really turned out lovely, Nova. Steeking makes me want to puke too and I haven't crossed the line yet. Your story is inspiring.

Spring is the perfect time for a Lopi sweater since you don't have to cover it's gorgeousness with a jacket :)


I loved reading this post. And I love the sweater...but you know how I am about the yoke. It looks really great, and I'm glad it was such a good learning experience, too.


This was a great challenge, with a wonderful result! I hope you enjoy wearing it... perhaps in the fall, since it seems to be getting warmer and warmer :).


That's gorgeous!


Nova! This is so wonderful!! I don't see any misalignments. It seems like it will be the perfect kick around sweater. :)


It looks so comfortable and I love the yoke. How fun that you got free (and good) yarn on your doorstep!


Yay, you steeked! The sweater looks great, and I'm glad you learned so much in the process.


So impressive, love the peek-a-boo shot:)


What a beauty and you look wonderful in it. I'm glad you learned so much. I really need to take a class and get my learning on.


I love "natural" color Lopi sweaters and yours is SO pretty! I had a similar Lopi cardi that I wore as a jacket for years before it TOTALLY felted in a mistake washing(all that was salvageable were the beautiful buttons).
I know you'll enjoy yours next fall/winter!


Beautiful! Looks like a cozy companion for the chilly spring we've been having!


This Lopi is A DO RA BLE!! Love the natural colors!


Nice! And now you can knit something new! Very nice!


This is a beautiful sweater! I love the colors you chose! I so appreciate how detailed your posts are regarding your knitting items--I always learn a lot about the process! Great photoshoot too--last picture is too cute!


Nova, The sweater is beautiful, but I disagree with you on the probable cause of the misalignment of the yokes. Whenever I've had the fronts of a cardigan not line up when buttoned it was because of the way the stiches were picked up for the button/hole bands. Perhaps you picked up a different number of stitches on each side, or picked them up unevenly. Anyway, it still looks great on you, and you get multiple gold stars for steeking!

Harpa J

What a great job you did!
And like my grand mother always said when someone mentioned imperfections in knitting - well then you can see that it is hand made!


Congrats on your steeks! That's bravery. Seriously. And isn't it nice that the yarn is finally what it always wanted to be?!?!?!


Very nice work!

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