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May 15, 2009



i know what you mean about the rubberbands. what a pain!

i love the dyed fiber! you have such a great eye for color. :)

happy belated birthday!


Happy Birthday to YOU!


Your dyeing looks fantastic! And Happy Birthday, too! :)


Have a Happy Birthday! Looks like you are off to a good start!


Happy Birthday! It all looks like SO much fun! Woot!

Your yarn is beautiful, btw. But seriously, look at those two cuties you have by your side?! Precious. Baby Disco is getting so big.


Happy Birthday! That green yarn is gorgeous!

Deborah Kindel

We missed you today, but understand that dragging little ones to a formal dinner and speech is not a fun enterprise. It was nice talking to K. Hope you got to Boston in time. Since I look for baby blanket kinitting patterns that require little thought or skill, I can only stand in awe in all you and your partners in crime do, but I love reading your blog and I drool over the colors you produced in the dyeing lab. Your skill behind the camera (or in front of it) amazes me as well.


Happy Birthday to you! And I got my Spring Dream, so Happy Birthday to me! You make, make me happy.


Happy [belated] birthday gorgeous!! I love what you're doing with yarn lately. x

[PS: Do u live around the corner from Gail??!]


I am so impressed with the colors and the resulting yarn. Nice pictures. The dyeing studio (as you call it) is open anytime!

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