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July 24, 2009



Yummy yarn! I purchased Ishbel a few weeks ago and am hoping to use some Lorna's for mine. Quick = my kind of project!


O that is pretty! I'm trying to knit from what I have this year too... We'll see how that goes... I plan to try to weave up a bunch of it too.


Very pretty!
And good luck with your resolution.


Such a pretty color for Ishbel! I am in the same boat with sock yarn. I never knit socks, but I have a big stash. All this shawl knitting has been very good for my stash busting. If only I didn't keep replenishing my sock yarn. Yikes!


very pretty! Congrats on stash busting!


Good choice on yarn - the colourway is perfect for Ishbel. Beautiful!


Wait--there are brown flecky parts of Blue Moonstone? That's making me love it all the more!

COWLS--that is what you'll be using your sock yarn for! Hold two strands together and you are in business, my friend.


Oooh, what a pretty colorway for Ishbel!

I, too, am trying very hard to find alternate uses for sock yarn, since I have discovered that the socks just aren't my thing. Or at least, not enough to warrant the amount of sock yarn I have.


Very pretty! I love the color.


I love the color you used for this shawl! Really lovely.


Love this color and shawl on you. I think I have a skein of that yarn too. Maybe I'll have to be a copycat!


Just lovely! Those wide mini-shawls are so wearable since they double as scarves. Isn't Ishbel fun to knit? I've already made 2, and I'm trying to resist knitting a third.


Agreed, these mini-shawls are just the perfect little projects for sock yarn! Love yours!


oh your ishbel is gorgeous!

Kathy Sue

I love the color. I also love sock yarn for shawls. I get to choose between shawls and socks that way, too.

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