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August 31, 2009



Well, for a start it is Spring here in New Zealand! I have some alpaca to spin, and hi have plans for a lightweight cardigan or two - but haven't decided on a pattern. I might also embark on a shawl or two because I have just completed my first one, wore it in public today and got a compliment from a total stranger.


Happy 3rd blog birthday and congrats on the 200th post too!

Hmm, my knitting plans are also quite long since I have birthdays in addition to Christmas to knit for.

I've already finished a hat and a pair of fingerless mitts for a friend of mine. That leaves the rest of a scarf and a pair of socks for the boyfriend. Pulse warmers for mom. A toy owl for another friend. Lots of washcloths for several different people. Bunches of Christmas ornaments for pretty much everyone on my list. Plus, a scarf for the Red Scarf Project.

Course, I've got a few things on the list for myself too. I want to finish up the Hemlock Ring and a pair of Diamond Gansey Socks by Wendy Johnson. The Side Cable Hat from the latest Vogue is also on my lsit.

Wow, this list seems longer then it was when I first wrote it out. Anyway, my favorite project currently on the needles is the Hemlock Ring which is great since I'm aiming for HUGE as the finished size. I think my other favorite project will be the Christmas ornaments since I'm using the birds from this ( http://knitty.com/ISSUEspring09/PATTflock.php ) as my base pattern and customizing each one.

The Knitting Archaeologist

Happy Blogiversary! I love your blog and always find good stories and gorgeous pictures here.

My fall list...uh oh! SOme things I started already but they are meant to be finished by fall...

Berry and Bramble Cardigan
Central Park Hoodie
Tie-Back Shell
Gentleman's Sock with Lozenge Pattern
Gentleman's Half Hose in Ringwood Pattern
Gentleman's Winter Sock with Dutch Heel
Karma Skirt
9-Patch Quilt
5" Square Lap Quilt
Crocheted Hair Nets
Spin 4 oz mohair/wool to DK (drop spindle)
Spin 8 oz icelandic wool to DK (drop spindle)
Others to be added later...per usual, LOL!


Congratulations on your new business venture :-)
and of course congratulations on your blog birthday (we are almost twins - my 3 year was 8/26 but I didn't get it together to have a blog party giveaway like you)
Plans for the fall...
Nancy Bush mystery socks, Nancy Bush lace scarf, vneck angora/cotton sweater, Chevron Love Mittens, and several quilts - that's the plan through September - after that, who knows. My most anticipated knit is the NB Mystery socks - 1st clue TOMORROW!


Happy Blogiversary, and congrats on your new shop! Hmm, I haven't really sorted out my list of things to knit in the fall, but here are a few ideas I have:

wool tights (yes, I am ambitious sometimes)
selbu modern to match some fingerless gloves
something for my red fingering weight yarn- henley perfected perhaps?

Oh, and I just started Dulce de Leche in some purple Tess Twinkle Toes.


Best of luck with the shop and happy blog birthday! My knitting wish list for fall is probably more than I can handle...
- little pumpkins socks
- swallowtail shawl
- another damson shawlette
- a sweater for me, perhaps Sienna


Ooh! Happy blogaversary!

My fall knitting looks like;
- Finish my friend's hat (she has cancer)
- Finish Cabled sweater for my son before he outgrows 18 month size (he's 14 months old now, but small for his age).
- Finish 2 test knits I'm working on.
- Start Feb Lady Sweater for me! (Something hopefully for me!)

I dont spin, so handspun would be wicked. I dont think I had any in my stash at all!


Yay you started a shop! I love all the dyeing you do.

My project list includes (but is not limited to):
-short sleeved shawl collared sweater
-simple shawl
-spinning (and then hopefully knitting into a cardigan) some light grey wool millends
-knit cardigan in a loden green wool that's been clogging up my shelves for years
-finish weaving a scarf that's been on my loom for months
-sew one or two button down shirts
-decide on and start sewing a quilt top from my Mom's clothing that I saved
-begin knitting baby things for a coworker

I would love some fiber for spinning. I'll have to take a gander at your shop and probably place an order regardless if I win some... :)


Happy blog Birthday!

My fall list is long and varies with the day, I am working on the Side Slip Cloche for myself, a sweater for my 3 year old, I have 3 or 4 sock projects in various stages of work and I am hoping to make a small shawl for myself before winter too. That's just the stuff I can think of right now. Hope your list is just as long:)

Kris B.

Happy Blothday! Umm... Happy Blirthday! No, that doesn't sound right either. Oh bother. Well, you know what I mean!

I can't wait to see what's on YOUR fall project list! Mine looks like this:

-Use the bulky alpaca from the stash to make a new log cabin blanket for winter

- Make my husband his first pair of hand knitted socks.

- Make myself a pair of hot pink and orange striped socks

- Knit the Rebozo shawl from Folk Shawls. Will be using fingering weight black wool and Blue Moon Fiber Arts Crabby McHappypants. Can't wait to see how it turns out!

- Knit the Beginner's Triangle shawl from A Gathering of Lace

- Sell our house, get everything packed, find a new house to rent in a different state, then move myself, my husband, 8 hairless cats, and 3 large dogs into it. By October 1. No, I am not smoking crack. I just sound like I am.


happy day to you, nova!
my knit list looks a little like this:
-rosamund's cardigan from the new IK
-top-down plain raglan
-juno regina stole
-druid mittens
-february lady sweater
-wicked cardigan
i probably won't be able to get it all done by spring, but i'm going to keep plugging away on it all (and whatever else strikes my fancy). :)
thanks again for keeping up with your blog- it's one of my favorites!


happy 3rd anniversary! happy 200th post! happy new shop! I will be off to check it out right after my comment.
Fall project list?
Here we go:
1. Autumn Arbor Shawl by Anne Hanson
2. Rayne Wrap Cardigan by Laura Chau (I especially love raveler angelalynn114's version)
3. Ingenue and/or Tang by Wendy Bernard
4. Mara by madelinetosh
5. Donyale socks by Black Dog Designs
6. Girasole by Jared Flood
These are all lifted straight from my ravelry queue and do not include the wip's I've got on the needles right now.
Favorite project on there? Oooh, so hard to say - but I guess I pretty much dream about how beautiful autumn arbor is going to look...
Thanks for this fun contest!!


Happy Birthday! (again) The shop looks awesome.

My fall projects have turned into a bunch of finishing, as my summer plans got pushed aside for test-knitting and to knit for my siblings:

1. Finish my pullover from Bouton d'or
2. Finish Autumn Arbor Stole by Anne Hanson
3. Finish Vespergyle Mittens
4. Finish Snowflake Fingerless Mitts
5. Start(!) afghan for my brother
6. Knit another pair of socks for other brother

Hmmm, that list looks long now. The Autumn Arbor Stole is definitely at the top, I love the yarn I'm using (Woolen Rabbit Whisper. SOOOOO nice. I love Anne's patterns too, so it's a perfect match.

As for spinning, I have two 4oz. braids of merino from J. Knits, a 4oz. braid of BFL, and another unidentified hunk of fiber coming from a friend who asked me to spin it up. My spindle will be getting quite the workout!


Happy Happy Happy!
My Fall Project List:
1. finish up any of my summer projects that are not done, which include a Prickly Girl tank and a Mason Dixon After Dark Nightie
2. Textured Shawl
3. Ulmus
4. Aquaphobia socks
5. Whisper cardigan

My fave on the list is probably the Whisper. I just finished the Featherweight Cardigan and love it.


Seriously, a chance to redeem my poor calendar skills? How cool is this... I have to wait until I'm home (uh hm, yes I am reading a blog at work) to check my scarf book for an appropriate autumn colored scarf. I really LIKE the new header!


If you could see me right now you would see that I am doing a little dance of Joy about your etsy shop!! (yay!)

My list consists of lots and lots of design work. I'm hoping to get some good patterns done for quick holiday knits. Wish me luck!


I'm working on a scarf for the Red Scarf Project... and a sweater that was supposed to be for spring. I want to make the Trellis & Vine pullover from the latest Interweave, and do some fair isle (hat? socks?) b/c I didn't get around to any fair isle last winter. And of course I am slowly (spindle) spinning a few things and have more in the stash to choose from.

Happy Blog Birthday!


Did my comment on your previous post get eaten in cyberspace?


Your shoppe is very tempting indeed. Must! Resist!

My projects...mostly stuff I want to design. I am also prepping for teaching classes and getting ready for my first fiber festival (SAFF in Asheville). Can I pick a favorite? I can not.


Happy Blogiversary!

Fall Knits:
Socks, socks, and more socks.
A knitted hoodie.
Baby stuff - - I know two people who are expecting towards the end of this year.
Experimenting with shawl knitting.

Favorite? Hopefully the hoodie when I am done!


I have a couple of sweaters in the queue (tangled yoke, fair isle cardi) socks, shawls, etc. you know, the usual! Oh, an a baby thing for my brother and sil, and my niece, too! And my mom wants a hat. hmm. my list keeps getting longer-I also have a co-worker who just adopted a baby, too. yikes. I better get going!


Oh my God, Nova, are you really making me leave another lengthy comment?!? I can't even admit to myself the extent of my fall line-up, let alone announce it on the Internets. I know for a fact that there will be at least one scarf because I have yarns to make about 5 or 30. Yeah. Some people buy sweater quantities, but I go for scarves. Enough to knit it all up, then throw the scarves out my window and climb down a la Rapunzel. But I better get moving on all that scarf knitting...


I love that you call it a birthday- Happy Blog Birthday!!
My fall list? About 1/2 of the things on my summer list that I didn't get to, and then a few more sweaters... and hopefully, my first shawl!


Hooray! Happy Blog Birthday!

Oh, goodness, the Fall list...I'm a little intimidated by it...it includes several knit sweaters (adult and child), one of which I am spinning the yarn for, learning how to homeschool my kid and trust myself in the process, putting up a new blog and regularly updating the ol' Etsy and somehow spend less time on the computer doing it, start a winter greens garden, and...oh, yeah...MOVE to a dome in the woods. Yippee!


As soon as I saw the word "shop" this bell-like noise went off in my head... This fall the only thing on my want to achieve list is to finish a quilt I am making for my BFF for Christmas, other than that the list is really just wrangling the UFO list into something I can count on one hand, so 2 fronts and 1.5 cardigan sleeves; 2/3 of a vest top; 1 sock; .5 of another, unrelated sock; a shopping bag; a crocheted slipperthing; 1/4 boteh, .5 of a shawl; erm the rest is probably so deeply UFO that I am in denial.

If I am a good girl and get all of that done, then I really want to knit a FLS. We shall see.

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