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August 19, 2009



Great post. I, too, am a hoarder. Was a hoarder. Whatever. I used to feel bad about my stash, but then some gorgeous skein would sing its siren song and BAM, another 500 yards into the stash (why does sock yarn have to have so much yardage?). I finally stopped feeling bad when I lost my job a few months ago. I know, weird. But now I'm not buying yarn at all (minus yarn for gifts that I don't have in the stash). I KNEW I was hoarding for a time when I would need yarn. Grasshopper preparing for the winter, and all of that. I love my stash. And by the looks of your photos, I love your stash, too.


I decided to make do with what I have sometime over the past winter and so far I've been pretty good. I am a touch jealous of your yarn and fiber stash though! I may show your pictures to The Boy who seems to think my stash is out of control...


My stash isn't as large as yours but I've also been thinking about how much yarn I have. I've done the math and I could knit for at least the next two years without having to buy more yarn. For awhile, I felt bad about that but I like the majority of what I have and know that it won't go to waste. In my opinion, a good stash is something that will inspire you and allow you to be creative but not overwhelmed at the thought of it.

I don't feel bad about having a stash anymore but I have instituted a few policies. For the next few months (at the least), I'm going limit my self to buying only as many yards as I've removed from the stash. Slow stashing instead of magpie collecting.


My largish stash has been my best friend during this tough economic time in my family. I've been able to knit what I want with what I have. The stash is always there waiting when you're ready and in need. A good stash is a good friend to have. I'll be adding more as soon as the dollars are available.


I hoard stash and I'm rather embarrassed by it more than anything - although I love every bit that's in there, in my lovely stash room. The fibre is the worst. And yes, I'm now trying to make do with what I have and be happy. So then, I got the loom and now I keep thinking I need something to match this to get the perfect warp etc. There must be something in the stash that works together, right?


Simultaneous stash awareness? I became aware that I had too much yarn when I moved. And I needed 6 plastic totes, plus several boxes. And then I realized that if I only knit with the yarn I bought in the past year (less than 1 tote), I could knit for a year.... and then I realized that was way optimistic, given how slow I knit... I could go at least two years. So (much to my LYS and Web's dismay) I am also "making do." For now. And you could always work out a stash swap with your left over sweater yarn...


I have never really been a stash hoarder - for a long time, I only bought yarn for specific projects. But, while recently moving from my parent's house to my new apartment, I realized quite quickly that what I've accumulated is more than enough to make whatever it is that I need to make.

I currently, by my calculations, have yarn enough for at least six sweaters/vests, probably endless hats and mittens, and all the scraps would make a fairly huge hexagon blanket.

I think this is a good time for all of us to re-evaluate our stashes and start budgeting and saving and using up! Plus, it's kind of fun to finally get around to the projects that you've wanted to do for a really long time, right?

On the fiber note, I cannot help. I'm just beginning to fiber stash and my first wheel will be in my hands sometime mid-september.


wow, i'm impressed with your stash (as well as the the folks commenting)... i knit super slow, which is the only thing that holds me back when looking at lovely wool. sometimes that is. (and the empty wallet.)

and i still have a LOT of yarn, a whole big box's worth, considering how stingy i am. wonder how these things happen...


I've been trying to do the "knit only from stash" thing for awhile now, since while my stash is not as large as yours, it feels too big for me. It's kind of fun, although I will cop to having bought a few skeins here and there to knit things that just wouldn't work in the yarn I had on hand. I do like knowing that should our income ever take a hit, I've got enough yarn to keep me happily knitting for quite awhile.


I am deeply ashamed and embarrassed of my stash--it feels like a concrete representation/manifestation of my shallowness, 80s culture consumer-chickness.

I must say that I am a sucker for 'making the pattern out of the yarn it's written for', so this tendency leads me down the brier path at times--So let's make do together!

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