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August 24, 2009



you're fantastic! i feel the same way about a LOT of stuff (comparable logic, not necessarily comparable objects), and a lot of folk give me flak for it. thank you for this post, so very much!


Well said, Nova!


Amen, sister.


I hear ya. I am just beginning with sewing and I have to say I am "afraid" to use more expensive fabrics but you know what? It's crazy because when I do I am SO much more satisfied with the results. It's the same with knitting so why shouldn't it apply to sewing as well. I made my first scarf with acrylic from a big box store and didn't pick up the needles again for 5 years b/c I wondered why anyone would put that around their neck.

As for the aprons. I can tell you why one woman needs 30 aprons because I have just as many (vintage of course) and the reason is...well...hmm? What is the reason? Well, I know there is a reason, ok, Nova ;) I'll email you when I remember.


I have been drooling over your yarn and fabric stash! I think it's OK to be a hoarder. I know you will use it and that includes the enjoyment of just looking at it. :)


Hear! Hear! I like the "good stuff" but there is nothing wrong with shopping around, and I believe an experienced crafter can tell a lot about a fabric or yarn through handling it - it might not be all about the price.


Amen! I am a cheap (or cheaply found, not necessarily made) fabric hoarder. I feel weird cutting into "the good stuff" and haven't bought too much of it.

As for longevity, I had a quilt made my my grandmother's mother when I was in high school. It was made from bits of worn out clothing and was lined with an old cotton flannel blanket. That thing survived 60+ years (probably more like 70 or 80) and was from leftovers so I figure my inexpensive fabrics for quilts will be fine for me...

I do wish we had a Joann's here though!


wish there was a "love" button because I'd be pressing it!


I'm still at the stage where I look at Hancock's of Paducah and ask myself why the fabrics are so much more expensive than Joann's, haha! Especially because, like you say, the actual quality of cotton is similar. Time will tell if I change my mind ;).


Interesting post...especially for someone like me who hopefully is about to do my first quilt top this year. I've been told over and over not to use JoAnn's fabric because it's inferior...but the prices on the 'high' end stuff just seem outrageous. Good to hear your opinions on the quality and longevity of it all.


I have a lot of fabrics from JoAnn that I love. It's what I first started using, and I don't think I'll ever give it up. I'm a fiber content snob, sure, but not a label snob :)

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