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September 04, 2009



You got a lot on your plate. I am totally rooting for you!


Um. So yeah. You have quite the list to accomplish before Monday. Good thing you welcome deadlines! :) Everything you are working on, whether the joy has gone out of them for you or not, looks amazing (especially the top quilt--LOVE). I'll be looking forward to FO posts!

Going now to look up those books cuz I'm intrigued.


I think I may direct my non-bloggy friend over this way. She tends to think my lists of stuff I'd like to do are excessive. I think they're normal, since yours sounds like mine in a lot of ways! Happy Labor Day.


Dude, no rush on spinning mine! Labor day weekend is for relaxing! Also: eeeee handspun!


It looks to me like a fun weekend! Good luck with all of your goals.


Well go you!!! Doable. Totally doable...and that roving you are spinning for Bertha??? It is divine!!!


fyi, Labo(u)r Day is the one holiday weekend that both the US & Canada share. We are all looking to finish up things this weekend I think...Happy weekend.


Now that is quite a list - A nice variety of projects!


You're spinning it really coming along! All the yarn looks so yummy. Roving doesn't count as stash, right? And if you get all that done before Monday, I'll... well, I don't know, because that is an insane list. Happy Labor Day! :)


Wow, you are without a doubt the number 1 most ambitious crafter on the planet!!

Also, are you going to Rhinebeck?


can't wait to see it all! i continue to love reading your blog - would there be any way you could do a post about the first quilt? The one with the blocks that aren't at right angles? I have been trying to figure out how to do these "improvisational" blocks but am having a difficult time wrapping my head around it. If someone would post their process for making one block I would greatly appreciate it! I guess I'm a visual person -

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