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September 08, 2009



Okay, you totally could have ended this post with the first pic and I would have been content, feeling I'd received a full blog entry. But there was more and it's like two blogs for the price of one. Little Mister is so completely adorable! *squeal like a lame girl* And your fall yarns are so yummy. :)


I love the family pic!

I recently got a knitting machine and Christmas blankets will be given out this year!


Dang your kids are cute!!!
Love that little Sir is getting in on the quilting action. You're going to be a very busy crafter,and what yummy yarns to create with, can't wait to see it all!


I CANNOT wait to see the orange shawl.


I can't wait to see it all. I thought I was crazy, and I only want to finish a vest, knit two sweaters (one for epsilon, one for me) and get my stash back into the stash closet before guests come and need to sleep on the guest bed!


Nova - you have the sweetest family! Love the photo of you all!


It's been way too long since I've stopped by your blog. So happy to catch up and see your family looking so well and beautiful. Your fall project look fun and inspirational. Have me itching to get to work. Thanks!


Your list sounds like mine - there's just too much to do. I wish the days had 36 hours in them sometimes :) Hope your fall projects go well.


Love the quilting! I've been having fun stashing new quilting fabric, but haven't got to the assembling stage yet. I'm envious of your little helpers :) Right now though I'm thinking of ordering a Kromski Harp. I was wondering what size did you get, and what extras would you recommend buying for it? Your experience is greatly appreciated. Thanks and Happy Quilting!

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