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November 11, 2009



Oh WOW! You have completely outdone yourself! I love it!


OMG, it's so beautiful! What a work of art. I saw your pics on Ravelry and had to come over to the blog to see if you did indeed move your couch onto your lawn to take pics. You rock! LOL!

Btw, I don't like pink either. Maybe that's why everyone thinks my daughter is a boy because she is not dressed all in pink and frilly. I even purposely buy her shoes from the boys dept at Target because I can't stand all the glitter and rhinestones they put on the girl's sneaker.


You've come a long way since our college crochet evenings! :) Really quite beautiful. Don't suppose you could teach Little Sir to crochet... after all, his artist's eye... he could be the next Jared Flood and keep you in your knitting dotage.


Crazy beautiful Nova. Might have to try the pattern as an intro to crochet.


Beautiful! I must admit the first thing I thought was did she REALLY move that couch outside for the pics?? AWESOME!!



I am in the not-a-lover-of-the-pink category myself, but I do agree that it works very well in your Babette.

I hope you plan to frame that last picture of Little Sir all wrapped in the blanket. It's adorable!!!


Absolutely STUNNING!!! I love the colors you chose! I think I might have to try my hand at crochet. What an inspirational piece of art you have created!!

The photos are fantastic too!!


You are awesome. The blanket is gorgeous.


It's amazingly beautiful! Incredible! Awesome!


I love the blanket (but I love pink)..It was a genius idea to move the couch onto the lawn - the photos are amazing!

My only question is, how do you keep a white couch white with kids?


This is so beautiful! Great job! I love these types of very colorful designs but have thus far made only a needlepoint pillow cover in this vein. When needlepointing, the tails get pulled under as you work. Whereas with knitting and crocheting, I know I'd be stymied by the 3,281,109 ends to weave in at the end. I admire your fortitude.


It's gorgeous! It makes me want to crochet something myself. That's funny, I was going to ask about the couch, but you beat me to it. What yarn did you use?


Wow!! It's absolutely incredible!!! So so beautiful!!! great blanket!!! it's really lively! Congratulations!


That is fabulous. I LOVE that you dragged the couch outside (a white couch with 2 small kids, woman?) -- I can't imagine it photographed any other way!! It's stunning. Brava!!


So beautiful Nova!! Love the photos, too!


That is gret, and love the outdoor photos on the white couch. That would be put in my book as the perfect blanket to get healthy under. When I'm sick, a cheery blanket always perks me up.


I'm in love. The white couch totally did the trick (photographically). This is truly fantastic.


i love your babette! it's like a cozy rainbow of joy. :)


It's beautiful! And congratulations on finishing - I see a lot of unfinished projects on Ravelry - mine included! You've inspired me to bump it up my queue :)


That is beautiful - and how awesome that you actually took your white sofa into the garden. I salute your dedication to blogging.

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