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January 05, 2010



1) What's with those curls Little Mister??? I love you kiddo. 2) I knew I was scr*#$d when I saw the first picture. 3) I was hoping that you weren't posting because he was being nice enough to start walking on the 9th. Private for Little Mister.... ohai! we r n ur computr!... just remember that next time you're part of a contest... lol.


I love the vest. I really need to make a vest for my husband because I never knit for him.

Way to go Little Mister! Another milestone! Btw, I can't believe how much he weighs. My kid, who is turning 2 yrs old next week weighs about 22 lbs maybe (I need to bring her in for her check up to be sure.) She weighed 19lbs at 18 months.

The stockings are very pretty.


First Steps! so exciting (I'm sad I didn't win but...)

Happy New Year!


I threw my back out a week or so before Christmas too. But thanks to muscle relaxers I managed well enough...not great...but ok. It's definitely not the greatest, so I feel for you and completely understand the low productivity. Hope its fully mended soon (if not now).


I love the vest! It looks so nice. Also, congratulations on first steps, what lovely timing. First names for parents are big in our house (both girls)...what did you decide?


Aww congrats to the new biped,even though I'm totally bitter he didn't wait til my birthday!

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