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January 19, 2010


Louise Rownd

Thanks for the great pattern. I can't wait to get started.


It is stunning! And where is that white couch?

Btw, the coolest things you have ever made is your two beautiful sons.


This is just the most beautiful blanket! I can't wait to start making one.


After seeing your babette, and now this, I desperately want to learn how to crochet!

Pork with Bones

I quite like that blanket. It quite reminds me of one of my treasured possessions, a quilt in the Grandmother's Flower Garden pattern that my grandmother made when I was young (but which I was not given until my late teens). She outlined each of the flowers (themselves made up of hexagons in many bright colours) with a row of dark red hexagons, and the paths between the flowers were white. Perhaps someday I shall learn to crochet; or to quilt.


This is such a beautiful blanket! Thanks so much for sharing the pattern...I am totally going to crochet one of these someday. (I almost said "knit one of these up", which should tell you where I usually fall on the knit/crochet spectrum!)


Gratuitous baby shot! Love it! (yes, i was expecting a couch)


It's perfect Nova. Perfect.


It is beautiful! Thanks for sharing the pattern. I have been hankering for a crocheted blanket...I think I will try this!


Oh wow this is beautiful!


this blanket is mind-blowingly beautiful...it is also why i've made up my mind to learn how to crochet, just now. WOW!!!!


This blanket really reflects the heart and energy you put into projects ... something I really admire. The design and colors you created are wonderful. I'd love to make one someday.


Your blanket is gorgeous! I love it so much. I'm working on a different hexigon crochet blanket right now or I'd get started on this right away. Hopefully, I'll get to tackle it soon. Thanks!


aghhh! I can't wait to make more of those hexes. That is a seriously great pattern, Nova. Congratulations.


I'd like to think that my awesome crochet lessons in college helped with this... but probably not. :~P Awesome, awesome blanket. I love the smile on Little Mister's face. I believe he agrees that it's the best blankie ever.


This is ridiculously awesome. I love it! Of all the granny-inspired blankets I've seen recently, this is definitely my favorite!


This is very cool! I think it's right on the mark for your friend, although I wouldn't blame you if you wanted to keep it. Thank you for writing up the pattern! I'll have to give it a look.


This is beautiful!!! Now I want to learn how to crochet!


Oh, my, my!! It's WONDERFUL!! Good going, you.


The coolest thing you ever made is the thing that's gonna bring me back to crochet!!

Jen Gough

Thanks so much for sharing your pattern! I started last night and it's wonderful!


Thank you! Beautiful!


The blanket is wonderful and you are looking FAB!!!


oh. my. gosh!
that is A M A Z I N G ! ! ! ! !


That's gorgeous Nova!

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