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February 12, 2010



Wow, a family of hats!! Awesome.


I feel that the Turn-A-Square pattern demands to be made in at least triplicate. I did the same thing with a bunch of Cash Iroha and Silk Garden. Love your versions so much Nova, and I feel that being allergic to possum means that you are a posh aristocrat!!


I've always loved that pattern. I really should knit it one of these days. Your hats look terrific; do you plan to knit another for you sans possum?!


Very cute!


I think having a rodent allergy may not be a bad thing :). Gorgeous hats you've got there!


I love all the hats! Great mix of neutral shades with the noro stripes.

Yikes about the possum fur allergy. I have a similar (but not quite as violent) reaction to alpaca.


I think that the possums that make the yarn are marsupials, not rodents (they are feral possums from New Zealand). Its a shame that you are allergic - it makes a very warm hat!


It seems to me to be a terrible allergy, given the softness and warmth of possum. But, if you had to pick a natural fiber to be allergic to, I'd take possum over wool!


they are all adorable... as are your PEEPS!
i love the... "i should knit myself one" attitude! :)


Cute hats, and now you have an excuse to knit yourself another one.


That's a lotta hats. You have stamina, girl! Pls to tell us more about your fab purple coat too?

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