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February 03, 2010



I love these! Is it weird I wish the pattern came in big people sizes?


Once I wake from the cute-induced coma, I am sure to say that your darling boys do, indeed, look very sophisticated.


Cute cute cute! I wish I could reach through the screen and squish the apple-y cheeks of Little Mister in the last pic! I heart your kids! :)


Oh my GOODNESS these are the cutest pictures/kids in all of blogland today. The sweaters are likewise great. I love big-people looking clothing on little kids... maybe i'm weird that way.

Thanks for the pattern link. I will need to make several of these.


I can't stand how cute these little sweaters are! LOVE them. Your boys are so adorable too.


Adorable pictures! And such a funny post. Your sweaters look fabulous on the boys.


Absolutely awesome! Those turned out wonderfully, and your boys are great little models. They look like scholars. :-)


Your boys are so handsome in their cardigans!!!


Boy sweater cuteness! Glad to see girls don't have the corner market on sweatery-goodness.


I was glad to read this post...I've always balked at knitting baby sweaters. Mostly cuz I don't want to knit something that is only worn for a few weeks. But I see there are a ton of other reasons now! Sticking by my decision to continue knitting toys instead...unless you give me reason not to. :)

These sweaters, and your pictures of your boys, are so great!


Man total cuteness. You really captured how happy your boys are in their new sweaters!


oh my, how quickly babies (and toddlers) grow! they're such handsome boys..and the sweaters are perfect for them!


Adorable sweaters! Adorable kidlets!


Yowza! What beautiful sweaters on two ADORABLE little men! Your list of reasons is terrific. Gosh, I do remember the drool! Lovely, lovely knits.

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