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April 27, 2010



Um, I fell into the rabbit hole of buying sock yarn because it can be used for other things besides socks. Well, how many shawls can one have? It's only skein and it's so darn pretty. Now, I am ashamed that I have so much sock yarn and I don't knit socks.

Beautiful color! Those socks are gorgeous and it's making me wanting to knit a pair for my husband. He never asks for any knitted things. I offered to make him a cowl this Winter and he looked confused. He said,"But you already knit me a hat." That hat was from 2 years ago and even then he didn't ask for it. He tried to buy a hat at Target and I gasped when he modeled it at the store. Apparently, he needed a hat and didn't want to bother me because I always seem to be busy knitting. LOL!


The socks are quite handsome and the booties are just cute.


Love those booties! (And those socks :)


I love your writing. :)

I need to get on those patterns of Nancy ('cuz we're best buds). I've had the book a year and still haven't made a pair.

I think if you sent a pair of adult size boots to Tyra, she'd totally wear them and look fierce.


What a funny thing, a purl bump. Well, I am glad now everything is right with the sock world and you also got some darling booties out the mix.


Those sox look great (I have the book and will go add a note to make these in the near future) and thanks for the link to the booties. I've been thinking I need to make some with the left over sock yarn I have been collecting :^)


those BOOTIES!
SO cute!
glad your hubby got his socks... i made mine a pair the first year we were married... he STILL wears them! (and he hasn't gotten another pair since!)

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