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July 12, 2010



Because these: http://fleeglesblog.blogspot.com/2007/12/sartjees-fleeglized-bootie.html are the cutest booties in the entire universe!


ohmygoodness I love these sweaters! They are striped! And for baby! Love it.


Adorable! Very cute in the stripes. I want to commend you for not freaking out over making gifts for twins. My now-grown twins ended up with diapers (come on,people!)or "gosh, we just couldn't think of what to get for TWO babies" from many people. The little sweaters are going to be especially loved by the new mom, I'm sure.


The stripes in duplicate make them VERY special -- it was worth all the headache,I would imagine.


I'm going through a period when my comments don't seem to be saving on blogs. I swore I commented here before. At any rate, cutest little jackets/pullovers. And thanks for the booty pattern! Hope all the hiking is interrupting your knitting time.

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