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December 20, 2010



Hmmm... the preface sounds rather off-base, but it's wonderful that the book's back in print! Thanks for such an honest review.


I love really honest book reviews! thank you for this.

I think if I were to get this book it would be for the reasons you stated: for the history, technique and to round out my knitting book library. It is a huge annoyance though when books I would really want to use a lot have awkward paperback spines. Hmm maybe someone will get me this (or a book gift card) for Christmas.


I'm holding off on book purchases until after Christmas since half my list was books. In fact, this Christmas appears to be turning into a used book exchange for my family. The knitter's almanac was on my list so I've got my fingers crossed! I think I'll wait for my library to get this one instead of buying.


Thanks for the review! I've been looking for an aran sweater to knit for my husband. I'll look for this book. Hope the move went well. Merry Christmas!


For the record, I don't especially want to knit that. (Do blog people count as knitters you know?) I like the look of fancy cables like that, but I kind of hate knitting them...

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